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interactive floor plans

Go beyond virtual tours with interactive floor plans

Set yourself, and your marketing, apart by fully showcasing each listing.  With TourSketch you'll quickly create full virtual walkthroughs of your listing complete with photos and dimensions.

If you have an XSite, TourSketch gives you the ability to create an XSite listing from scratch.  Don’t have an XSite? No problem — TourSketch works with any site.


Create listings that stand out

Break through the clutter of standard MLS photos with a listing that makes the buyer feel like they've actually been in the property. Buyers can easily visualize the layout, look, and feel online. And if they want to know if their custom 37' couch will fit in the great room, simply move the icons around and show them the perfect location to relax.


Unlimited photo angles

Let buyers see the home from any angle without getting turned around or confused. Simply drop in photos of the interior, landscaping, features, or anything else at the proper angle and buyers can see instantly how everything fits together.


Effortless, elaborate sketching

Draw sketches using your mouse, keyboard, or by hand using a digital pen on a Tablet PC. TourSketch recognizes handwritten commands for functions like: dimensions, wall arcs, or "S" for south or "Bas" for basement, all which are a huge time saver. Plus, you can assign photos at the correct angle and location, identify room features and show how the room comes together with furniture. Choose from hundreds of graphics for landscaping, furniture, or appliances and in minutes, you’ve created a fully interactive floor plan tour.


Post XSite listings from anywhere

Have an Internet connection on location? Upload the floor plan tour, along with the photos and listing information, directly to your XSite before you get in the car to return to the office. Clients will be blown away that their property listing and online tour are up and running immediately. And you can create any listing instantly on a laptop or Tablet PC from anywhere you have an internet connection.

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