Real estate marketing turns
leads into sales – automatically

Acquire clients, and keep them well past closing

To grow your business, you need marketing.  XSellerate, our proactive marketing system, keeps you top of mind with prospects, converts leads into sales, and helps generate more referrals from past clients.  And it's proven to work.  In fact, Agent XSites with an active XSellerate campaign get about 4x more leads than those without.  Here's why you'll love our proactive marketing system too:


3 click campaign launch

In three short clicks you can start working your past clients for more referrals and move your cold leads to warm. Simply choose the ad you want from over 200 pre-written, fully customizable pieces, add your contacts, and hit send. Choose "hot new listing" campaigns to engage cold leads again or increase your referrals by sending pre-written campaigns to past clients, family, and friends. There's literally an ad for everything.


Timely, targeted marketing

XSellerate’s Auto Scheduler sends your ads out when you want and to whom you specify, but it’s also smarter than other drip marketing systems. For example, XSellerate knows that a new lead should start getting your "New Leads" campaign. It knows that people fall into categories, and those categories trigger your marketing – automatically.


Instantly announce "Just Listed"

Broadcast your listings to prospects, past clients, and other agents in your area in a few clicks. Once you've entered a listing in your XSite, just click a button and XSellerate automatically builds and sends your branded listing ad to all of your contacts.


CAN-SPAM compliant

Reach more potential clients with the peace of mind of knowing that your marketing had already been run through spam filters for maximum deliverability. We've taken care of all the leg work for you so you don't have to worry about compliance with anti-spam regulations.


Know your marketing works

XSellerate’s built-in reporting features let you know what’s working and what’s not, giving you the most out of your marketing. From one page you can view ads sent, read, and site visits generated. And, you’ll even get a weekly report with top level reporting so you can adjust your campaigns for maximum effectiveness.


Printed pieces included – free

Mixing traditional printed pieces together with e-mails makes for a more effective marketing campaign, reaching more people and generating more leads. Just tell XSellerate when you want to mail them and you'll be reminded to print the pieces and labels.

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