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A Gold XSite is more than just a cutting edge real estate website. It helps you build a powerful online brand that portrays professionalism, connects you with clients, and generates new business.  Click here to check out a free trial today.


Beautiful mobile-adaptive themes

With 89% of new home shoppers searching on a mobile device, you need a site that's sure to deliver a perfect user experience to all your visitors. That's why XSites look as great on an iPads, iPhones, and Android devices as they do on your computer. If your current site isn't adaptive and mobile-friendly, you're missing out on a lot of traffic.


Automatic SEO booster

It's simple: Google and the other major search engines have always highly ranked sites with unique, fresh content, but most agents simply don't have the time to mess with it. With GhostWriter (exclusive to XSites), the pre-written content is transformed into something totally different – automatically. Search engines love the fact that you have custom, unique content, and you'll love the fact that you didn't have to do a thing to get it. If you want, you can edit the text to make it even more specific to your business.
Click here to see GhostWriter in action.


No design degree needed

Don't worry about starting a design from scratch. We have the look of your website covered for you. You’re provided with tons of professionally-designed, real estate specific themes to choose from. Of course, you can customize your theme with your logo, photo, and color combination of your choosing for a look that’s specific to your business. Plus, you can easily change looks as often as you like.


Direct traffic and "wow" visitors

In less than a minute, launch your own landing page that instantly directs traffic where you want it to go and creates an upscale first impression. You can even customize them with your own listing photos, reinforcing an ad campaign with a “splash page” that drives visitors to featured listings, or feature your team front and center. The options are limitless.


Integrate your social media

Connect with your prospects and clients via Facebook, twitter, ActiveRain and other popular social media sites by linking them all together from your XSite. Your customers will appreciate you connecting with them in their medium of choice and it’s a great way to attract new leads.


Import listings directly from your MLS

If you own an XSite and XSites IDX, the days of retyping your MLS data into your website are over. With XSites IDX and your XSite, your listings can be transferred with one click. In addition to the listing information, all of your photos and any MLS available open house information will also be transferred. Learn More »


Send your listings instantly to the web's hottest portals

You can tell sellers that you don’t stop with just the MLS and a sign in the yard. Your listings are published to the most highly visited real estate portals on the web, like® and®, as well as other XSites in your area. Your listings will be in front of millions of potential buyers who may not have seen them otherwise.


Listing teasers grab extra attention

Listing teaser features allow you to showcase as many properties as you want on any page you choose. Include short descriptions, rotate photos and properties, and more. Sellers love them because their home is always featured and web shoppers love them because it gives a quick glance of your listings no matter what web page they’re on.


Feature foreclosure listings

Foreclosure listings are in high demand and you can attract more website traffic by linking to millions of foreclosure, FSBO and tax lien listings. When a visitor clicks on a foreclosure property on your website, they’re prompted to fill out your lead capture form. You get the lead and they are sent to a site powered by that’s co-branded with your photo and contact information.


Aerial maps bring location to life

Show visitors exactly where the property is located in relation to jobs, entertainment, shopping, schools, and everything else. Microsoft Bing™ maps are automatically added to each listing to give a real world perspective about the location of the property. And sellers will be impressed with the technology you bring to the table.


Connect with web visitors instantly

Turn anonymous XSite visitors into instant clients with the Collaborator plug-in for XSites Desktop. You’ll be notified the instant a visitor hits your site, be able to engage in a live “chat” with them, direct them to listings on your site, and even generate a lead capture form insuring you get their information to follow up afterwards. Click here to download XSites Desktop.


Turn web surfers into clients with Open House Showcase

Let web shoppers know exactly when and where they can check out their favorite listing in person with the Open House Showcase. It shows that you’re working hard for your clients and the buyer’s contact information is routed directly to your phone and e-mail for quick follow-up. You can even post your Open House times and information to your Facebook wall for additional exposure.


Lead capture that works

Target niche visitors and generate more leads by including specific lead capture forms for each page or listing. You’ll get the information you want and need to follow up with immediately. And all of the information is automatically added to your built in CRM system eliminating retyping.


XSites Mobile keeps you connected

Stay in the loop with automatic reminders of tasks and appointments on your cell phone or mobile device. You're also alerted when you have a new lead from your XSite so you can follow up instantly ensuring that visitors don't go searching elsewhere.


Critical CRM -- right on your website

Keep all your critical information like address, phone numbers, e-mails, and notes, all in one central location. You can even import contacts from Top Producer 7i®, ACT!®, Agent Office® and Outlook®, to eliminate duplicate databases. Your CRM also integrates with XSellerate for marketing that turns prospects into clients and past clients into referral machines.


Energize your XSite

With the Energizer plug-in to XSites Desktop, you’ll know what’s working on your site and what isn’t. Your score is based on the factors we know make a website successful, like customized content, adding lead gen forms, etc., so you're not left guessing what improvements to make. If you don’t already have XSites Desktop installed, you can click here to download it now. Once you've downloaded XSites Desktop, you can refresh your score whenever you make a change to your site.

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“I've doubled my market share (and even more this year) since I bought the company, and I think it's largely because of my decision to go with a la mode.”
— Bill Schmiett

“I get inquiries frequently from other companies wanting to be my website provider. I always let them know that I am already working with the best company who offers the best product at an exceptional price.”
— Colleen Hooper

“My website through a la mode is the life blood for my real estate business. Other than personal referrals, most of my leads come directly from my XSite.”
— Sharon Hammond-Turnblad

“All you need is one deal a year to pay for the site and my XSite has increased my closings tenfold.”
— Steve Loraus

“I love the versatility of the site and my page one Google ranking!”
— Kathy Rasmussens

“When I published a listing announcing an Open House, a fellow agent emailed me asking about XSites. She was blown away by how cool it is.”
— Grace Uhlhorn

“Great websites! I’ve had it for many years. I refer all agents to a la mode because XSites are easy to use – you don't have to be tech savvy! If you want to personalize it, you can. If you have writer’s block and can't think of the right words to describe how great of an agent you are, don't worry there’s GhostWriter for you! I love all the features and tech support walks you through everything.”
— Karen Walls

"XSites are a great price and very effective. It’s the easiest way to have your own website."
— Dario Barba