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Fed up with lead management? Don't get angry, get answers.

  • Maybe you sent leads out and noticed they never closed.
  • Maybe you’re not sure if those expensive leads pay off.
  • Maybe you suspect an agent of being slow to contact leads.

Pipeline ROI gives brokers all of this intelligence and more.

First, it routes every lead from every source to the right agent, based on your rules.  Then, you’ll have a real-time dashboard to monitor response time, lead temperature, what’s past due, and more.  Know how your marketing is doing, which leads actually close, and true conversion rates.  It's all here.

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Maximize your profits

Pipeline ROI boosts your profit by pointing out potential opportunities and possible weaknesses in your sales and marketing processes.  For example, are you paying for leads that don't end up closing?  Are your website leads closing faster than your social leads?  Have your call-in leads fallen 20% in the last month?  Pipeline ROI sees it all and reports it back to you in simple, gorgeous, easy-to-understand reports.


Eliminate headaches

Managing multiple lead sources is probably a big headache for you or someone on your staff.  You get leads from phone calls, your website, IDX, blog, lead vendors, and from online listings aggregators like Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com.  Keeping up with the constant stream of contact info from all the sources is a pain, which means some (or many) leads get lost in the shuffle.  Not with Pipeline ROI.  Regardless of the source, Pipeline ROI captures and stores all your leads so clients end up closed instead of lost.


Keep deals moving forward

Once an agent accepts a lead from you, then it's their responsibility to keep you in the loop until the lead closes.  After all, you invested money into generating leads, it's your business to know how those customers are progressing.  Pipeline ROI occasionally nudges your agents into updating you on the status of their leads.  You get to see if the leads are progressing through the sales pipeline.   You also see things like how much a lead is "worth" to your pipeline.  And you even get to see notes the agent has made about the lead along the way to closing.


Manage it all on the go

We know you're not at your desk a lot.  In fact, we'd wager you're the type to check e-mail and run reports from your couch in the evening.  That's why Pipeline ROI works as well on your phone or tablet as it does on your desktop.  Just log into your account and check out your sales pipeline, run up-to-the-second ROI reports, enter new leads, or even set your distribution rules.