Platinum XSite

Multiple agents, one brand,
one powerful website

Powerful websites that actually "do" something

With a Platinum XSite you get every tool needed to level the playing field against big franchises, without breaking the bank.   These mobile-adaptive sites make sure your visitors have the best experience, no matter what device they're on.  Plus, they provide tons of content and automation, giving you more time to focus on growing your business.


Beautiful mobile-adaptive themes

With 89% of new home shoppers searching on a mobile device, you need a site that's sure to deliver a perfect user experience to all your visitors. That's why XSites look as great on an iPads, iPhones, and Android devices as they do on your computer.


Centralized listings increase exposure

Provide your agents with instant inventory for their sites to help attract more leads and buyers. Each of your listings shows up on your main website, and are shared across all your sub-sites too. Plus, one click sends your listings to the web’s most popular sites like Zillow®, Trulia®, and more.


Lead management and routing

Control how leads are assigned and make sure they're directed to the right agents in your office. With XSites' fully customizable lead capture forms, leads are routed directly to your agents, stored in your central brokerage database, followed up with immediately via e-mail, and added to your marketing campaigns. It’s all automatic, so nothing falls through the cracks. Distribute leads in a round-robin fashion, or use your own custom rules to ensure that leads get to the agent best suited to handle them.


Import listings directly from your MLS

The days of retyping MLS data into your site are over. With XSites IDX and your XSite, your listings can be transferred with one click. In addition to the listing information, all of your photos and any open house information (based on MLS availability) will also be transferred.


Add agent sites in a few clicks

Get your agents up and running with everything they need to sell homes before the ink is even dry on their paperwork. In a few clicks you can create Silver XSites (pre-loaded with your custom content and branding), agent specific e-mail, a full CRM solution, and a very professional listing in your agent directory. And, at no-charge, they make a great recruiting tool!


Use free sub-sites for anything

Easily manage your budget with the ability to create unlimited Silver XSites at no additional cost. Use them to feature your developments or specific areas on their own website, or offer a unique XSite to each of your agents.


Snag web visitors instantly

Turn anonymous visitors into instant clients with the Collaborator plug-in for XSites Desktop. You or your assistant will be notified the instant a visitor hits your site, and be able to engage in a live “chat” with them. You can direct them to listings on your site and display a lead capture form insuring you get their information. Click here to download XSites Desktop.


Generate more showing traffic with Open House Showcase

Generate more showing traffic by letting web shoppers know exactly when and where they can see listings in person. With the Open House Showcase, you'll feature showing dates and times, and clients love the extra attention their property gets. You'll also collect the buyer’s contact information, and the XSite routes it directly to your phone and e-mail for quick follow-up.


Manage it all from one spot

Everything you need to run your business is in one central location. You or your office manager can easily control your main site’s content, and what parts of it are shown on your sub-sites. You also control how agents are shown in your directory and you choose how and where listings are shown. And, with photos, contact info, and biographies on Staff Profile pages, visitors quickly find the perfect agent to work with.

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“The XSite features are easy to use and offer all of the benefits of a specialty design website but without the huge price tag.”
— Dave Smith

“With 100 agents, a la mode tech support people have had a good work out, and they are outstanding.”
— John Steinwand

“I have had my a la mode website for several years now and what makes this product better than anything else I have tried (and believe me when I say, I have tried a few) is their outstanding 24/7 helpline. I can call with the most simplistic problem that I am sure most 8th graders know and they never make me feel technically challenged. They take the time to talk me through it and always go above and beyond. “
— Karyn Smith

“I owe my 200% increase in business (in what most think is a down market) to my ability to offer benifits available through my XSite to my listing clients and buyer clients for a value that doesn’t break the bank.”
— Kevin Rose

“We’re enjoying our upgrade to the Platinum XSite. Ease of use, happy REALTORS® and definite results. Thanks a la mode!”
— Clark Edwards