More power, more intuitive, more flexibility, more features

With TOTAL, we’ve broken new ground.  It’s rock solid, highly intuitive, and fast.  It's built on a new forms engine, for today's hardware and software, and designed for your post-UAD workflow.  That means it works beautifully on your Windows 8 PC with multiple monitors, too.

Once you upgrade to TOTAL, you'll realize that software written back in the '90s can't keep up and it's only going to get worse.  That's why we invested millions of dollars and labor starting years ago to build a completely new forms engine, TOTAL, that didn’t use a single line of code from previous versions.

Our competitors don't follow this strategy because they can't.  Even if they started today, it would take years to catch up.  And, we're going to keep raising the bar with each update.  Join the TOTAL family.  Best of all, you'll rely on our 100 day money back guarantee.  If you don't absolutely love it, we'll refund every penny.

Customers:  You get TOTAL free with your membership!   Click here to log in to your My Account page and get your link to download it.  Or click here to compare it to previous versions.  Remember, TOTAL and WinTOTAL Aurora run on the same computer, at the same time.  It's a pefect way to check out TOTAL's new features without switching completely.

Curious about what we've been working on?  Click here to see the full archive of TOTAL update notes.


Spread your appraisal across as many screens as you want

If you’ve never used a system with more than one screen, you’re missing out on perhaps the biggest productivity boost since the laser printer. Unfortunately, if you’re using older appraisal software, you can’t take advantage of multiple screens properly.

But with TOTAL’s modern multi-window architecture, you can open up multiple live, active windows on one appraisal – or on several different reports at a time – and work between screens effortlessly.  You can do amazing things like keep your forms visible on your main monitor, your narrative addenda on the right monitor, all the photos on the left, and the comps database with MLS data on another.  Make a change in one window, and all the others update in real time.

Simply put, if you’re a fan of using multiple screens (and who isn’t?), there is no appraisal software that matches the multi-window, multi-screen benefits of TOTAL.  It’s worth switching software for this one feature alone.


"TOTAL is simply the best product I have seen from a la mode!"    — Mark Hamilton, Oracle Appraisals

"I tested a la mode, ACI, and NCV prior to deciding on a la mode.  TOTAL was the clear winner because of software functionality, integration with XSites, multiple monitor capability, and tablet applications.  a la mode has the best appraisal software platform hands down!"

— John M. Wilson, ADK Appraisal, LLC

The most advanced Comps Database ever designed

After seeing TOTAL’s Comps Database in action, you’ll feel like other comps databases are in the Stone Age.  TOTAL’s new UAD-aware Comps Database uses our Spectrum Digital Workfile Architecture to integrate all the various data sources (prior reports, MLS data, public records, photos, notes, docs, and so on) into one comprehensive visual map- and grid-based view of your market.

It properly understands sales, rentals, and listings, and also captures "snapshots" of the past history events of every address that passes through it.  Click on a property on the map or grid, and you’ll see all of the historical events, by date and data source, for that address.  Choose any one of the sources to use as the data to push to the form, and even view the database info side-by-side with the current grid (a huge boost when pushing non-UAD data into a UAD grid).

Searching is world-class.  Simply "draw" on the map – you can even define odd-shaped neighborhood or market areas and save them for future use – and combine that visual boundary with IQ (Intelligent Query) to immediately find the most likely comps by default every time. IQ lets you specify re-usable ranges relative to the subject (within 90 days, +/- 10% GLA, etc.) and it applies them automatically.  Tweak the IQ items all you want, and add an unlimited number of database-specific custom queries on top of them too.  If it exists, you’ll find it.


Check every subject and comp address for inconsistences in seconds with SmartAddress

TOTAL's SmartAddress feature makes ensuring consistency and reusing data a snap.  As soon as you type in an address in the Comps Side-by-Side View, SmartAddress finds and tells you how many times you've previously used that property.  With one click, SmartAddress displays all the previous versions (not just the most recent) you've used side-by-side, making it easy to compare them and spot inconsistencies.  From there, you can merge in entire previous records or pick and choose any data you want to add to your current report.


SmartAddress is a huge timesaver.  Check out what appraisers are saying:

"SmartAddress is probably the best upgrade I’ve seen since purchasing TOTAL."    — John D. Stokes, John D. Stokes & Associates

"SmartAddress is the best product in years.  I love it!"    — Will Neely, Neely & Associates, LLC

"When the Collateral Underwriter program was announced, I was very concerned about how I would ensure data consistency within my UAD-formatted reports.  Working in a small rural market means that I am constantly reusing the same comparables.  Now, with SmartAddress, I am confident that my UAD-formatted comparables are 100% consistent.  Every time.  SmartAddress is a must-have tool!  It has improved my workflow and saved me time."    — Clinton Cook, Cook Appraisals, Inc.

Cut calculation time with
integrated Worksheets

TOTAL's Worksheets are the single most powerful feature of any appraisal formfiller.  If you've worked with spreadsheets in programs like Excel, you know the value of being able to calculate data instantly.  But you then have to copy and paste that data into the correct places in your form.

Worksheets are built-in to TOTAL, so your calculations flow directly into your forms.  Create your own or use our ready-made 1004MC template to completely automate your Market Conditions Addendum.


Our newest forms engine — up to 400% faster, and more precise

Everything about TOTAL was engineered to be faster.  But perhaps the most noticeable change is in the core forms engine, which loads reports more than four times faster than previous versions.  And that's not all.  The program itself loads quicker, it scrolls faster, it merges data quicker, and more.  That's because TOTAL's core engine was designed to fully exploit today's multi-core hardware and it's optimized for the faster processors that haven't even hit the market yet.  Try it side-by-side against whatever you're using now, on the same machine, and you'll see the difference.  Older products simply can't take advantage of multi-core, multi-threaded CPUs.  And it shows.

Speed alone isn't enough of course.  The engine is more precise too.  It's easier to place the cursor properly in complex multi-line fields, selecting large blocks of text is more predictable, and even scrolling and jumping between forms is fine-tuned for precision.  Plus, with the new rendering technology and our new High Definition fonts, forms display in stunning clarity even when zoomed far out.


Unlimited location maps, flood, and census data (no per-use fees)

Other vendors charge appraisers on a per-map basis for their location maps, or require flood map subscriptions to get any flood data at all.  We don't think you should be limited by your map data, or limit your map usage because you're afraid to get charged.  That's why TOTAL comes with truly unlimited location maps, including aerial and street maps, as well as unlimited flood data and census tracts with scrubbed addresses, community, and panel info.  Flood and census data is automatic too, meaning it flows into your report when you enter the property address.  You don't have to look anything up, check a website, or anything beyond typing the address.

With TOTAL's mapping options, you can literally see all of your database comps on one map, get driving directions from your office to any of them, and automatically input USPS data from all of the properties into your report. 


Forms PowerView and Report Contents — faster, easier, cleaner

We know of course that most people spend the majority of their time in TOTAL looking at the forms screens.  That's why we paid careful attention to improving the speed as well as the look and feel of the main Forms PowerView.

On the left, our new Report Contents panel keeps all the forms in your report visible and instantly accessible. Quickly add or remove forms, jump to a specific page, or rearrange everything — all without leaving the Forms PowerView itself.  Simplified, consistent toolbars, menus, and dialogs eliminate extra mouse clicks and keystrokes.  For instance, you can start reports in as little as two clicks.  It's less cluttered and less work than ever before.

Plus, we've designed everything around our new rendering engine with High Definition fonts that show beautifully on the modern high-resolution monitors, even when zoomed out.  Even the printed forms look better.


"I just finished my first report and love the speed of TOTAL.  It's much easier to navigate the forms."    — Warren Turner, SRA

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for developing TOTAL!  We are very excited about the undocking feature, the Detailed View, SmartAdjust feature, and the new comp sorting feature.  We can see how TOTAL will help us shave time off each report."

— Mark and Robin Sibinski, Home Run Appraisals

Assignment PowerView — manage assignments and get paid faster

From here you'll have quick access to everything related to your report — add or delete invoices in a click, see your order form with driving directions and a map, review instructions from the client and more.  TOTAL even pulls in the FEMA and census data, so you'll know if there's extra legwork up front.

We've also made assigning contacts much easier and your order forms are customizable (you choose which sections are included).  Plus, all of the fonts are cleaner and everything is easier to read when you take the order form with you to an inspection.

And, how many times have you called a past due client only to hear, "I never got your invoice. Can you resend it?"  In TOTAL, send the invoice as a PDF in two clicks while you're on the phone.  This eliminates the hassle of turning the invoice into a PDF, then finding it on your computer, and attaching it to an e-mail.


"I find TOTAL very easy to use.  It saves me time with all the features that speed up the reporting process.  For instance, I am amazed at the ease of sending a report.  If I have a client who wants an ENV file as well, I just go to the Send icon, click a few buttons, and off all the required formats go, which saves me a lot of steps over my former form filling company.

The Side-by-Side Comps are a real time saver as well and helps in final comp selection.  I try and use the keyboard shortcuts, which saves time.  I can't believe how much time the MOUSE takes over the keyboard.

Looking forward to more time saving features.  Keep up the good work."

— William Brush, William C. Brush Appraisals

SmartStart — fire up brand new reports in no time

If you like to just "get in and go", you'll love TOTAL.  Simply hit "File", then "New", and you're off to the races in about five seconds.  Enter the subject address and then choose how much (or little) information you want to enter up-front.  From there, choose to dive straight into your form.  Or, if you don't want to start from scratch, use SmartMerge to pull in data from old reports in a snap.  Unlike our previous versions, you don't have to fill out a detailed order form. 

Maybe your office manager starts your reports for you.  They'd launch the Assignment PowerView from this simple screen, filling out the order information — client details, fees, addresses, etc. — and everything will flow in to the new report. 

Either way, your workflow is completely up to you and you won't be hindered by complicated menus and details. 


New mobile app for TOTAL – better syncing, photo tools, and more

Unlike other companies, we're truly mobile-centric.  For over 20 years, we've built our own mobile tools from start to finish to work seamlessly with our desktop products.  So it's no surprise our TOTAL for Mobile app is the perfect companion for TOTAL on the desktop.

All the field data you collect (including voice notes, photos, sketches, and more) on your iPad® or Android™ device flows into your TOTAL report and your Spectrum Digital Workfile — you'll save an incredible amount of time from field to office by not having to retype, resketch, and reformat.  Your forms are literally at your fingertips, including the complete 1004, 1004 UAD, 2055 UAD, Condo, Land, and Canadian AIC.  You'll also find th 1025 and our exclusive General Purpose Residential Form for non-lender clients.  We're adding more popular forms and customer-requested features and improvements with each update too.

Bottom line:  You'll be completely paperless and won't need a clipboard or other cumbersome devices again.

Click here to learn more about TOTAL for Mobile and get it free.


SmartAdjust — your auto
adjuster on steroids

SmartAdjust is the only adjuster that handles both numeric and non-numeric adjustments, and does it for both UAD and non-UAD reports in one consistent interface.  You'll save time on EVERY field in the grid — especially the compound UAD fields, like basement and bathrooms, which we automatically break out into separate line items for you to apply individual adjustment factors.  So, for bathroom count you'll see one SmartAdjust sub-line for the full baths, plus one for the half baths, and can adjust your factors separately for each.  The factors are applied to all the comps at once of course, and you can set all sorts of thresholds and cool parameters to keep it from going haywire.

You can use percentages, percentage per square foot, and dollars, all in conjunction with our unique text-based lookup tables.  What's a table? It's how you handle text stuff like "C1" versus "C2", tying adjustment factors to the different values automatically.

You can even load and save different "models" of SmartAdjust tables and factors, so that certain areas or different types of homes behave differently.  A couple of clicks and you can load your "Waterfront luxury" adjustment factor set, or your "Rural acreage" set, and so on.


"Thank you for the percentage adjustment fields, which I utilize more than dollar amount fields.  PERFECT.  This works perfectly.

Also, the program opens FAST!  It's nice not to have to wait."

— Mark Peters, MDPeters Appraisals

"In my opinion, the adjustment grid is the most important feature in any appraisal software.  Adjusting effective age as opposed to actual age is more realistic to me and TOTAL  has taken this process and made it easier than in any previous version of a la mode formfilling software.  I also like being able to set parameters for all adjustments.  I really think TOTAL has simplified working in the adjustment grid."

— Robert Mossuto, B.N. Appraisals Inc

Detailed View and Comps Side-by-Side — save time in the comps grid

Adjusting comps has become more of a hassle since UAD, forcing you to keep a separate spreadsheet just to break down adjustments for items such as partially-finished basements.  That's why we added the Detailed View to the comps side-by-side grid. 

Our Detailed View breaks down each field in the grid into individual line-items.  For instance, enter the finished basement square footage and total square footage, along with any rooms below grade, and adjust each one accordingly.  It also breaks down the location field, adding up your items and displaying them on the form.  Best of all, all of these details are saved to your Spectrum Workfile in case you're questioned by auditors later.

This feature is part of our popular Comps Side-by-Side PowerView, which shows all your comps, rentals, and listings on one scrolling screen.  Adding, editing, and removing comps is effortless, and you can drag and drop to reorder them at any time.  Discarded comps are even stored in your report's Spectrum Workfile in case you get asked why you didn't use a particular property later or if a request comes in for even more comps.


Spectrum Digital Workfile Architecture — the proper way to go paperless

The appraisal process is pretty clear:  First you research, then you analyze, and then you write your report.  Unfortunately, other software skips the first two steps completely.  TOTAL doesn't, tying together pre-inspection notes and research, assignment data, e-mails, MLS data, comps searches, photos, comps adjustment criteria, onsite inspection data (even including voice notes), and more, all into the same digital file that contains the final appraisal.  That's because Spectrum Digital Workfile Architecture is at the core of how TOTAL manages data.  That all sounds theoretical at first, but it seamlessly takes you completely paperless too.

Our new and improved Digital Workfile PowerView makes it simple.  Simply browse and select, drag and drop, or paste files from inside the PowerView.  Include any file — photos, MLS comp sheet PDFs, e-mails, scanned documents, faxes, and more.  (TOTAL also adds files automatically, such as the delivered PDF, comps that didn't make the cut, and TOTAL for Mobile inspection data.)  Everything is saved with your report and easily flows to Vault or other digital storage.  Later, if questioned by an underwriter or auditor (much more common these days, even years later), simply pull up your Digital Workfile from the cloud instead of sifting through e-mails or expensive paper file cabinets.


"My first impression of TOTAL was how fluid the program works. In just two days of use, I had customized the software for my specialized purpose.  Every file is different and TOTAL allows you to make changes without re-inventing the wheel or making painstaking repeats of duplicative steps.  This software also allows use of my multiple monitor setup for a highly-productive report writing structure.  And, I can see all my comps at one time, something I could not do before.

Once you have tried it, you will never want anything else.  I recently switched to TOTAL after being with another company for 15+ years.  TOTAL has everything I have been patiently waiting for from my other software company for a long time.  I will miss my friends over there, but not the software."

— Terry Kennington, River Valley Appraisal

Notes PowerView — ditch your paper notes and scattered to-do lists

You probably have at least one list of items that you check in every report.  Use the Notes PowerView instead. It keeps you focused, paperless, and USPAP compliant by storing all of your notes and tasks in your report's Digital Workfile.  None of the other vendors have anything like it.

To start, instructions are pre-filled from your Assignment PowerView, so even client-specific tasks are here.  Then, you'll stay on track by creating To Do Lists and checking items off as you work through your report.  You can even save To Do Lists for future use and trainees, which cuts down on review time and mistakes.  And, as QuickNotes (digital sticky notes) are added to your form, they show up in the Notes PowerView where they can be reviewed, edited, and printed.

Nothing in the notes shows up in your report that your client sees either.  For instance, if you call the listing agent with contract questions, simply notate the conversation in the My Notes tab.  Your discussion will be stored privately and permanently within your report's Digital Workfile.


"I just wanted to comment on the new To Do List in the Notes PowerView.  This is one of the best features I have ever seen.  I had a similar worksheet in Excel, but it was far less efficient, since it wasn't an actual checklist and I didn't create a new file for each appraisal.  I just duplicated the items on my list in the new To Do List and set up several templates for the various appraisal types (SFR, condo, FHA, etc.)  Having this new To Do List built into the forms software (but un-docked on a separate monitor) is keeping me on track and preventing me from jumping around in the write up process.  I also add file-specific items to the list as I think of them, so I don't lose my thought OR my momentum when writing a report.  Well done… thank you!"

— Jason Fischman, IFA, Appraisal Evaluations, Inc.

Dashboard — instant access to your entire suite of tools

It's distracting to exit your formfiller to launch other apps in the start menu or bring up websites — even for your a la mode products.  That's why we built our handy Dashboard.

Simply click the a la mode button in TOTAL's toolbar to pull up the Dashboard.  From here, start all of your appraisal apps without all of the extra clicks, browsing, or remembering how to launch a program.  See shortcuts for your marketing tools (such as XSites and XSellerate), the TOTAL Store, TOTAL Store-integrated products, Vault, databases, and then some.  You'll even have quick access important to news about your account with us, update notices, and more.

Stay in control and get anywhere from your all-in-one Dashboard.


MLS Importer — pull MLS data directly into your reports

Say goodbye to the frustrating task of copying and pasting data from your local MLS.  The MLS File Importer pulls the data from any text file exported from your MLS directly into your report.  Intuitive field mapping ingeniously places data into the correct fields. 

And, you have total control over how the data goes in.  For example, if the MLS data uses "SF" for square footage, you can tell the importer to always replace that value with "Sq. Ft."  The MLS File Importer works for comps, rentals, and listings.  Then, when you've finished your report, it's all saved into your Comps Database for future use.


Photos PowerView and QuickPix — managing photos has never been easier

After a long day of inspections, the last thing you want to do is tediously organize photos.  Our new photo tools put an end to this process.

For starters, the QuickPix Importer pulls in thumbnails from your camera or computer for you to review and quickly pick which ones to use.  Then, add a description, address, neighborhood, and notes before importing them into your report.  Or, let the QuickPix Importer auto-complete information using data from your open reports — like addresses.  And QuickStamp lets you copy all the address data from one photo and "stamp" it onto other photos with a single click. 

When you add a photo to a report, all available property information is automatically added into the QuickPix Database for easy searching later.  From there, you can drop the image straight onto your form without worrying about entering details.  In your database, photos are grouped by neighborhood, address, or date, so adding them into reports a breeze.

You'll see everything in one modern, elegant PowerView that makes working with photos incredibly easy.  And, customize your layout to see all of the photos as they appear in your forms, so you don't have to jump back and forth between the forms and database to get a feel for how your report is shaping up.  Finally, as you add photos to your form, they're precisely compressed to keep your report small while maintaining beautiful clarity.


Sketch PowerView — fly through your sketch

Our new Sketch PowerView was designed knowing that you probably inspect properties a few days before you sketch it in the report.  You may not remember every minute detail, so we made it dead simple to have the rest of your report open for easy, unencumbered reference.

For starters, keep your sketcher running side-by-side with your form, so you don't have to flip back and forth to jog your memory about items such as bathroom counts.  At the same time, the Sketch PowerView is your dashboard for cross-referencing everything.  See what the property looks like from the air, spot-check your floorplan shape, make sure your symbols match the photos, and verify room counts — just to name a few.  This is a huge timesaver, and only TOTAL has it.

And whether you're using our free TOTAL Sketch or another sketcher — Apex Sketch v5, RapidSketch, or PhoenixSketch — everything is impeccably integrated through the TOTAL Store.


"LOVE the Bing Maps and photos right next to the sketch!  Nice."    — Robyn Walker, Alexander Appraisal

"Man, wow.  I have been waiting for something to be presented like this.  TOTAL is it.  It's exactly what I wanted.  Thank you."

— Justin Williams, Appraise It

E&O PowerView — customizable, intelligent checks and warnings

Dramatically reduce annoying revision requests and present a more polished final report with TOTAL's powerful E&O PowerView.  Instead of your client catching them, you'll catch the accidental errors before your report leaves your desktop.

Rules are customizable for non-UAD warnings too.  For example, when your comp age differs by more than 30%, but most of your appraisals are new construction, you can exclude that rule from the warning list.  It's extremely flexible.

Run the E&O check and click on a warning to jump to the problematic field and correct it.  When you're finished, you can add results to your report, along with your Digital Workfile.


Addenda PowerView — supercharged, integrated word processor

Text overflows to your addenda in the same sequence that the fields appear on the form, making it much easier for you and your clients to read.  And, unlike other formfillers, you can quickly insert external pieces such as Word docs, images, charts, and tables into any section of your addenda.

For instance, in a complex area, the field on the form is too short for all of your market condition comments.  Once you run out of space, TOTAL "overflows" your text to the addenda.  Then, with just one click, you can add a chart to support your conclusions.  When your graph is nestled next to your commentary, your client will truly see the whole picture, and you'll get fewer questions.

The Addenda PowerView is completely customizable for your workspace too.  Keep it open on the right or the bottom of your form as a "split screen", or open it in its own window.  The days of toggling back and forth are over.


"Love the new format.  It's very convenient to be able to detach forms and addenda from the program so that I can work with them side by side.

All in all, I'm very impressed.  It's miles above the old program."

— Marcella Rodgers, Lee-Collier Residential Appraisals

TOTAL Store — find and manage fully integrated apps

An array of third-party apps and tools are integrated into TOTAL via the TOTAL Store.  You'll find mobile data gathering, sketchers, MLS/data providers, flood map sources, analytics and stats tools, training resources, and more.  There are also spreadsheets and other tools created by appraisers.

TOTAL Store gives you access to the best and brightest in the profession.  And it's much more than a fancy shopping cart.  Vendors in the store use our TOTAL API (short for "Application Programming Interface", a technical term for the way that two separate programs talk to each other), for better integration than ever thought possible.  It’s seamless and controlled, so you know anyone in the store integrates properly and safely with TOTAL.

Visit TOTAL Store here


“I love TOTAL and the support staff is amazing.  This is a great company that shows they care about the appraiser.”

— Edward Miller, New Phase Appraisal

This is just the beginning — try TOTAL and you'll never look back

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We're so confident in our products that we back them with a 100 day, 100% money back guarantee.  You have absolutely nothing to lose.

And we’ve made it easier than ever to switch.  Use our competitor conversion wizard, and you’ll be up and running in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.  We’ll copy and convert your files and text databases from your previous formfilling software, so you can get straight to work.