TOTAL gets its own game-changing mobile version

TOTAL on the desktop now has its very own mobile app with features far beyond what our WinTOTAL Aurora version offers.

In TOTAL for Mobile, we've taken your feedback from our popular TOTAL for Mobile apps (that have been downloaded over 250,000 times) and added features, while simplifying your workflow.  All the field data you collect (including voice notes, photos, sketches, and more) on your iPad or Android™ devices flow into your TOTAL report and your Spectrum Workfile.  You’ll be completely paperless. 

Get it now from the iPad App Store here or Google Play for Android here.

And unlike others, we're truly mobile-centric.  For over 20 years we’ve built our own mobile tools that work seamlessly with our desktop products.


"I've been an appraiser in rural, central Mississippi for 15 years.  …The TOTAL for Mobile app and the use of my new iPad in the field has effectively reinvented my appraisal business.  …The transition has been amazing and I'm finding that the quality of my work is improved. Basically, I just wanted to say thanks for the outstanding field training and the user-friendly software that takes an often complicated process and makes it so much easier to do."

— Matt Alford, Alford Realty

New and improved tools make subject and comp photos a snap

With updated syncing and unlimited photo pages, TOTAL for Mobile’s all new photo tools are better than ever.  Using your device’s camera, take as many subject photos as you want, and the pages will be automatically added to your report when you sync to your desktop.  It’s especially helpful on FHA, unique properties, and other assignments requiring photos of every room or extensive exterior shots.  Simply label the photos however you like (kitchen, master bathroom, etc.) and sync.  You can also easily add descriptions or rearrange photos on the fly.  No more juggling extra devices or extra work organizing and relabeling the photos yourself.



"The biggest reason for me to switch was your mobile app for smartphones and tablets.  In starting up my own firm, my goal is to be 100% paperless.  There is no way I could ever achieve that goal without TOTAL for Mobile.  Its features are amazing, which echoes how I feel about the software suite in general.

I would also be remiss not to share how much I appreciate being able to add an entire .pdf document to a report — regardless of the number of pages — with just a single click of the mouse button.  This is also a key feature that will allow me to be a paperless office.

Lastly, I greatly appreciate your customer service.  Everybody has been very helpful and attentive.  The times I have had to contact technical support have been great.  The people there are very knowledgeable, and solved my problems quickly.  Though that is the way business should be, it rarely is these days.  So, thank you."

— Mitchell J. Frerichs, Broadway Appraisal LLC

The cloud: Access reports anywhere and sync on your schedule

You now have unparalleled freedom when it comes to starting, editing, and sharing your reports between mobile devices and your desktop.  Your office manager can start your report while you're heading to the property, then you can pull it from the TOTAL cloud to your smartphone or tablet to add data and photos while you're onsite.  And, the updated syncing process makes it easy to choose which files to send on your schedule, instead of sending everything at once.  Watch the video here.


Tap and swipe for precise sketches done in the field

Creating detailed sketches is as simple as tapping and swiping with your fingertips.  Simply enter your measurements, then swipe and tap to draw exterior and interior draw walls.  Or, send measurements from your Bluetooth-enabled DISTO laser measuring device directly to your Android phone or tablet.  It’s easy to define lengths, angles, arcs, and areas.  And, drop custom symbols and labels into place for a completed sketch in the field.  Freeform sketching is also available for making a rough sketch.


Your forms, QuickLists, maps, and everything you need is here

With TOTAL for Mobile, your forms are literally at your fingertips, including the complete 1004, 1004 UAD, 2055 UAD, Condo, Land, and other popular forms.  Contact and access information options have been added to your Order view.  And if the old app's room-by-room inspection isn't how you like to gather fields like Bath Floor, Bath Wainscot, Fireplaces, Woodstoves, Basement Finish %, and Occupancy type, we've added those to the base forms so you can skip the room-by-room screens completely if you choose.  

Best of all, your QuickLists sync too, so you’ll fly through data gathering by simply tapping to fill in your canned comments instead of typing.  In addition to forms, you can record audio, type freeform notes, and create freehand drawings that are automatically added to your Spectrum Workfile in TOTAL.

TOTAL for Mobile also takes advantage of your device’s GPS to create precise maps and give you turn-by-turn directions.  It’s extremely helpful for navigating to your subject and comps without having to jump to another app.   


Designed specifically for TOTAL to save you time

You'll be amazed by the seamless integration between TOTAL for Mobile and the TOTAL on your PC.  And it does far more than our WinTOTAL Aurora app.  With improved photo tools, new cloud syncing, and a more intuitive interface, you'll be blown away.   

Bottom line:  You won't need a clipboard or other cumbersome devices ever again.  Put TOTAL for Mobile to work on a few assignments.  Once you get the hang of it, you'll shave time off every report.