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“I attended the Modern Appraiser Roadshow and it really changed the way I operate my business.  After the switch to TOTAL, I was able to go paperless within a week.  That simple step cut some time off of report production.”  — Dave Hohman / The Hohman Appraisal Company, LLC

Become quick, efficient, and accurate with TOTAL

Developing Compliant Reports Using TOTAL

Length: 4 hours

This training video will show you all the ins and outs of TOTAL from the initial set-up all the way through the delivery process and properly backing up your reports.  If you're looking to get the most out of your software and spend less time on every report, you can't miss this course.

You'll learn:

  • How to set up TOTAL – organize files and contacts, signatures, copy older appraisals into TOTAL
  • Starting reports using templates, online orders, and merging from old reports
  • Complaint formfilling in less time
    • Reusing comments with QuickLists and recent responses
    • Data entry, automatic error checking, and UAD shortcuts
    • Essential hotkeys that help you fly through the form
  • Managing comps
    • Using comps from old reports, importing from your MLS
    • Formatting, editing, sorting, and making adjustments
    • Avoiding underwriter calls with SmartAddress
  • Photos — Importing, managing, notating, and editing
  • Maps — adding professional street, aerial, and flood maps
  • Writing detailed addenda with far less typing
  • Delivery — compliance and error checking, signing, backing up your report and its workfile

It's ideal for:

  • Appraisers who just switched to TOTAL
  • TOTAL users that aren't using it to its full potential
  • New appraisers or trainees
  • Office managers
  • Experienced a la mode users who have never attended a seminar
  • Appraisers that attended a formfilling seminar, but need a refresher
  • Appraisers that need to upgrade from WinTOTAL Aurora

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Follow along step-by-step with the course manual.

Each training video comes with a manual for you to follow along with.  It includes detailed instructions, photo examples, and even provides icons that indicate which topics have supporting documentation or Tech Tips on our website.  Preview below.

  Developing compliant reports     Mobile Appraiser Workflow

Go fully mobile and paperless

Mobile Appraiser Workflow

Length: 4 hours

This is the most in-depth, practical course on mobile appraising.  We started offering it in 2013 and have refined it since. So, if you want to cut your retyping time, boost your accuracy, and cut your paper costs, you can't skip this course.

After all, we've built mobile apps since the early 90s and have helped thousands of appraisers go mobile along the way.

You'll learn:

  • Easy ways to get rid of your paper
  • Prep your report for inspection on your device before you leave the office
  • The ins and outs of our TOTAL for Mobile app
    • Customizing which fields you see, in which order, to match your inspection routine (Click here to learn more about TOTAL for Mobile)
    • Using voice notes and QuickLists to fly through data gathering
    • Adding photos straight to your forms onsite
  • Field sketching 101 (Sketch a complex 6000SF property with the instructor!)
    • Explain the basic drawing modes, including exterior and interior walls, modify, and place cursor mode.
    • Sketch basic straight, angled, and curved lines.
    • Learn to re-open an area and revise lines without deleting large portions of your sketch.
  • Solving measuring problems using a DISTO laser measurer
  • Sharing files without going to the office or e-mailing
  • Other apps for appraisers – share files without e-mail, optimize drive routes, access files on your office PC, taking your MLS to the field, and more
  • Which accessories we recommend
  • And more!

It's ideal for:

  • Any appraiser that wants to put their tablet or phone to work
  • Office managers that want to go paperless
  • TOTAL for Mobile users that want more tips
  • Appraisers that aren't using TOTAL, but want to learn about mobile techniques

Bonus! Elite members always get one free course, live or On Demand. Claim yours now!

Ready to go mobile?

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