Cloud-based protection for your appraisals, QuickLists, databases, and more

We launched Vault with Exact way back in 2000 — about a decade before "the cloud" became a household term.  Today, more than 12 million appraisal files are stored, along with thousands of office settings.  It's the best way to keep your appraisals safe, go paperless, and collaborate with other appraisers.  It's also the best option for appraisers to restore their work completely and quickly.

Get Vault with Exact if you:

  • Plan to get a new PC soon and will need to quickly transfer all of your appraisals, personalized settings, and databases
  • Collaborate and share settings with trainees, other appraisers, or office managers in multiple locations
  • Need USPAP-compliant, paperless protection from natural disasters, theft, and PC meltdowns
  • Want to work remotely and spend less time driving back and forth to the office to work on reports
  • Field urgent calls from clients, underwriters, and auditors with questions about past appraisals
  • Have been burned by the "cheap" and generic storage solutions that aren't built for appraisers — unable to get your settings and files recovered quickly (if at all)

There are plenty of other storage methods, but Vault with Exact are designed for appraisers, with your specific workflow and data in mind.  Get Vault.  If disaster does strike and you need to move to a new PC or laptop ASAP, Vault with Exact will have you up and running in minutes — like the setback never happened.

Your time, peace of mind, and avoiding USPAP violations is worth $149 a year.

Don't trust your business with "cheap" online file storage

Generic file storage is cheap and easy to find.  The online options are great for personal files like music, videos, photos, etc.  But they're not built for appraisers or your unique workflow.  Here are five problems that you could encounter with some of the online storage options, risking you and your business:

  1. Your databases AND files may not get backed up
    Your databases — QuickLists, comps, contacts, etc. — might be missed because these SQL databases are constantly "in use," so they aren't always backed up.  This drawback is even noted on many of their websites.  We've heard from appraisers that needed to restore their databases and were shocked to find that they were never backed up.  When the worst does happen, you need more than just files — you need all of your settings and databases too.

    Exact, which comes with Vault, is designed to automatically back up any of your selected SQL databases, even if they're running during the scheduled backup.  Exact also saves your databases, settings, QuickLists, and contacts.  With Vault and Exact, you can rest assured that whatever you're working on will be securely and consistently backed up, even if you have it opened.

  2. They don't automatically adapt to new PCs
    When your system gets backed up, it's saved as a specific set of hard drives, settings, system files, drivers, and all their respective file paths.  This precise system is intimidating when moving to a new computer.  It's far too easy to either accidentally overwrite a vital system or miss restoring critical settings completely.

    Unlike generic online storage solutions, Vault and Exact account for new appraisal file locations, network shares, and so on when restoring your setup.  QuickLists, files, print settings, users, contacts, and more are restored precisely where they need to be.

  3. Others aren't intended for backup AND storage
    For instance, even Carbonite's website said that "it is not online storage" here.  So, if you delete a file from your PC, it's also deleted from Carbonite's servers 30 days later.  That doesn't work for appraisers who don't want to worry about keeping files on a computer.  With Vault, files get uploaded automatically when saved to your database and aren't deleted unless you decide to log in and manually delete them.

    On that note, other companies like to say that their services aren't intended to be backup solutions but for collaboration.  The trouble there is that file space may be limited, and you could easily run out of room.  The Vault doesn't limit your file sizes.  1MB or 10MB, they all get saved.

  4. You have to memorize file names and folder structure
    You shouldn't have to remember to dig through five sub-folders for a file named 4529sallydrfha.zap when your underwriter calls with questions and you're away from your office PC.

    Instead, simply log in to your Vault account on our website and search for appraisals by fields such as borrower name, client, inspection date, and more — regardless of what you actually name your file.

  5. It could take hours or days for restoration
    We've heard horror stories from appraisers that have had full system restorations take up to a week with other solutions.  Meanwhile, they were at a standstill.  Don't risk that happening to you.

    Restoring your computer (or setting up a new one) with Vault and Exact takes minutes, not days.  You're back to work faster, with everything you need at hand.

    Use other online storage solutions for your family photos, but use Vault with Exact for your appraisal business.  It's truly designed for appraisers.

    Watch this video to see why. 

Go paperless, share with your office, and spend less time at your desk

More than just emergency file backup, Vault with Exact are absolutely necessary workflow tools.  With Vault, you'll access your files from any PC with an Internet connection, and share files with trainees or peers easily, without relying on e-mail that may or may not go through.  It's like an online file cabinet.

Plus, it's integrated with TOTAL and WinTOTAL's exclusive Spectrum Workfile, completely keeping all your forms, unused comps, photos, notes, or details and more with the delivered file.  If an auditor calls with questions a month after you finished the report, simply pull up your entire workfile from the cloud — no more trips back to the office just to answer simple questions.

With Exact, your WinTOTAL and TOTAL settings and databases are always stored in the cloud. When you bring on a new trainee or office manager, they'd simply download your Exact file to get up and running.  They'll have your customized QuickLists, signatures, contacts, fonts, print settings, and more.  Your office will stay consistent in no time.

Think you're safe with an external hard drive?

Here are five reasons to rely on Vault rather than an external hard drive:

  1. Just like the hard drive in your PC, external hard drives are known to fail.
  2. If your PC and external drive are stored in the same vicinity disasters such as fire, floods, and theft will wipe them both away.  If you save your backups with Vault, all your files will be safe in the cloud.
  3. Thieves can't “steal” your Vault, but they will steal your external hard drive.
  4. Most of the external drives require you to manually move files over.  Even some of the most sophisticated external hard drive software requires you to do manual work to make sure files are backed up.  With Vault, it's automated so you don't have to do anything.
  5. When you back up to an external hard drive, you spend time double checking that specific files have been saved.  With Vault, you're e-mailed a notice letting you know which files have been uploaded to the cloud.

Get back to work faster with the Vault and Exact

There's a lengthy list of risks you incur when you depend on a system other than the Vault.  Most of them center on recovery — it's easy to save a file, but getting you back up and running quickly so you don't miss deadlines is hard.  Instead, rely on Vault. Installation only takes about five minutes and from there, your data will get backed up every night.  If disaster strikes, you'll be back to work in minutes.

Thousands of appraisers rely on Vault to keep their businesses safe, paperless, and efficient.  Get it now and rely on our 100 day, 100% money back guarantee.  You can't lose.

Don't risk your business.

100 day, 100% money back guarantee