WinTOTAL Elite System
  • Powerful formfilling with TOTAL and WinTOTAL
  • An Enterprise level XSite and XSellerate proactive marketing and website for high-fee, non-lender orders
  • Exclusive Elite-only 24/7/365 support line and Platinum Partnership for unlimited maps (no per-user fees), data, and more
  • Vault with Exact to automatically and securely back up your files, settings, and databases offsite each night
  • TOTAL for Mobile integration for sketching and data gathering on a Tablet PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android device
  • InterFlood automatically adds perfectly sized, placed, and shaded flood maps to your reports
  • MercuryDirect Plugins to efficiently work with clients, DirectFax to eliminate paper, CertMail powerful e-mail, and more

The appraisal world is always changing.  Clients are demanding more work with shorter turn times. So you don't have time to back up reports, market to non-lender clients, send clients status updates, edit and paste floodmaps, chase down late payments, retype field data and redraw sketches, manage and store unruly papers, wait for tech support, or log into client websites to submit reports.  Use Elite to stay efficient and profitable despite what the market and clients throw your way.  

Armed with TOTAL and our Elite System, Elite members have a complete workflow and marketing bundle that gets them new high-fee clients while cutting turn times.  Plus, Elite members have exclusive benefits, including their own unpublished support line that bypasses the queue (even Platinum) and Elite-only training.

The key to Elite is that it’s not just software.  It's seamlessly integrated services combined with the best appraiser-specific marketing training on the planet.  We give you everything you need to succeed.

With TOTAL, Elite, and our help, you can find new non-lender business, be more efficient, and make more money.  In fact, TOTAL with Elite is so effective that we’re confident enough to make this astonishing guarantee:  Join us now as an Elite member and you’ll make more money in the next 100 days.  If not, we’ll refund every penny, no questions asked.  In a time of no guarantees in life, this one is a no-brainer.

Our TOTAL plus Elite System includes: TOTAL, WinTOTAL Enterprise, Appraiser XSites Enterprise, XSellerate, XSites Desktop, Mercury Network listing, InterFlood maps, Vault with Exact, a license to run TOTAL on a server and a Platinum Partnership. As a bonus, Elite members also get TOTAL for Mobile integration.