Automated marketing for appraisers

  • Create automated, proactive “set and forget” campaigns in three easy steps
  • Huge ad library with over 300 print and e-mail marketing pieces
  • Non-lender ads for attorneys, homeowners, agents, and more high-fee clients
  • Pull contacts from WinTOTAL reports to urge “current residents” to get updated values
  • It’s counter-cyclical, so even when the market’s down you’ll get high-fee, non-lender orders
  • Easily create your own custom ads or edit XSellerate’s ready-made templates
  • Integrates with XSite’s billing features and can automatically send late payment notices based on invoice due dates
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Proactive, counter-cyclical, non-lender marketing for high-fee work

XSellerate will proactively help you get new clients that pay higher fees.   Built for appraisers, XSellerate requires zero marketing expertise.  It’s like having us in your office, proactively running your non-lender marketing, 24 x 7.  Set XSellerate up once and campaigns will be sent constantly, spanning weeks or months.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose your campaign
  2. Choose your contacts
  3. Choose the schedule

That’s it!  Your campaigns will go out automatically and you’ll get a nightly success report.  Our e-mails, door hangers, letters, and postcards are proven effective.  You won’t find anything like XSellerate with other vendors.

XSellerate is smart too.  It understands that people fall into categories, and those categories trigger automatic marketing as soon as a person is added to them.  So, for example, lender clients get automatic “Thank You” notes and homeowners get asked if they know the current value of their home.

Whether you’re marketing to attorneys for divorce or estate work, to agents for pre-listing appraisals, to FSBOs and past homeowners to get an accurate value, or tickling existing clients to send you more business, XSellerate helps you do it effectively and automatically.

It’s counter cyclical — when interest rates rise, causing refi and traditional mortgage work to decline, you’ll thrive thanks to work from attorneys, homeowners, real estate agents, financial counselors, and more.

Put XSellerate to work today and get high-fee orders tomorrow.

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