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Our internship program is available to college Juniors or Seniors at our Oklahoma City campus.  Students get experience and pay, and are eligible for college credit.

We’re looking for unique and results-driven individuals with a passion for technology, and plenty of ambition to tackle today’s most important challenges in real estate software.

This isn’t making coffee, picking up dry cleaning, or anything else you might have heard about a traditional internship.  You’ll come away with the kind of hands-on experience and real-world accomplishments that can launch a successful career.

Is your role missing? We’d love to hear from you.

Submit your resume here. If we have ideas based on your experience and goals, we’ll be in touch.

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Intern Spotlight

Kristin Rice
Kristin Rice

Production Artist, Marketing Department
Former intern, 2010
July 2013 Employee of the Month

Graduated from:  Rochester College
Major:  Mass Communications
Home town:  Edmond, Oklahoma
Hobbies:  Reading, art, travel

In my life, I’m passionate about:  Traveling to new places and experiencing new cultures, spending time with the people I’m closest to, learning new things, and finding ways to better myself.

Why I’d recommend interning at a la mode:  I gained invaluable experience during my internship at a la mode.  In just a few months, I learned far more than I did in the year-long graphic design program where I studied.  I wasn’t treated like an intern - my ideas were taken seriously, and I was considered a valuable part of our marketing team.

What being an intern at a la mode taught me:  I received real-world experience and learned a lot about time management, with multiple deadlines in a fast-paced environment.  I also had the chance to work with all kinds of people.  Overall, it gave me the experience I needed to start my career.