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New leads on your iPhone™, instantly
XSites automatically send your new web leads to your iPhone via SMS (text messaging), so you can follow up immediately.  And since surveys show that consumers usually go with the agent that calls them back first, you’ll have a tremendous leg up on your competition.

Complete information for all your leads
Other sites deliver only basic information about web leads, if any.  XSites give you everything you need to follow up with instant, first class service.  You’ll have their phone number, of course, but you’ll also know where they’re calling from, which page captured their information, and what type of information they’re looking for.  It’s all right there on your iPhone.

Set call back reminders
When you get a new lead on your iPhone, it’s best to follow up immediately.  But, you can also set call back reminders, too.  We’ve set up a few common call back times, or you can set up your own. Your iPhone will remind you that it’s time to call your new web leads to close the deal.


Easily route leads from your iPhone
If you’re a broker or team leader, XSites integration with the iPhone packs an even bigger punch.  Anytime your Broker XSite receives a lead, you can easily route the lead to any of your agents right from your iPhone.  It’s as simple as a few taps with your finger.

Assign leads to your XSellerate campaigns
You’ll also be able to assign your leads to your XSellerate campaigns on your iPhone.  In just a few finger taps you’ll have access to all of your XSellerate campaigns.  Simply assign your new leads to an XSellerate campaign from your iPhone, and they’ll automatically get the entire campaign.


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