Is your mortgage website pulling its weight? Switch to XSites.

Today’s savvy shoppers demand mortgage pros with cutting edge technology.  It should help them close with fewer road bumps than they'd hit with big lenders.  Mortgage XSites fit that bill perfectly.  They take care of the hand-holding and distracting calls, give everyone automatic status messages, and help you deliver cutting edge client service that competes with even the biggest lenders.

Typical websites don’t have these state-of-the-art tools or generate leads.  Even if they did, you’d pay thousands.  Not here.

Simply put, if you’re not using an XSite, you’re wasting time.  In fact, we guarantee it.  If you’re not 100% satisfied within 100 days, we’ll refund every penny.  It’s a “no-brainer.”  Try XSites today and see what you’ve been missing. 

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Launch your XSite in minutes without slow, expensive web designers

Our easy step-by-step Wizard makes launching your site a breeze.  Simply choose your domain name (".com") and then you'll be online in minutes. 

And it's stocked with hundreds of pre-written mortgage pages and over 300 beautiful designs.  All your niches will be covered too, including first-time buyers, refis, agents, and more.  You won't be left to rack your brain on what to say, what pages you need, how everything should look, and how it all should be built. 

Plus everything can be edited with our simple word processor -- at anytime.  So you won't have to wait days or weeks on a web developer to get a chance to make the changes you need.

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"I have had my a la mode XSites website for a number of years.  A website is just like anything else in the technology world.  If you buy it and never glance through the manual, it is just a nice conversation piece on a business card.

Last year, I decided I would take some time and put my website to work.  I had a conversation with a very helpful person at a la mode and he looked at my website and gave me a call back with a few suggestions.  I implemented those few simple suggestions and the website quickly became a lead generator.  I was so excited with the success that I printed the manual and went to work on creating and developing it a little more!  I even learned how to tie it into the search engines (really easy)!  I was off and running with genuine leads with great quality!  I am always asking people what they typed into the search engine to find me.  They always comment on what a great website I have."

- Sherry Bitner, MP

Make your site the all-in-one resource for local mortgages

XSites look professional and have the features your visitors are looking for – mortgage calculators, a user friendly loan app, instant answers to questions with online chat, and status updates on how their loan is coming along.  They won't need to leave your site to find answers they're looking for and they'll continue to come back because they know you have what they need.

Call 1-800-ALAMODE for more information or click here to get a free trial of Mortgage XSites.


GhostWriter — beat your search engine competition without writing

If your website has old, stale content you probably aren't showing up when people search for mortgages in your area.  Yet, you don't have time to write fresh pages.  Our GhostWriter technology solves this problem automatically.

It takes your information, like specialties, cycles them through pages written by marketing experts and remixes them in millions of unique ways.  But don't worry — these pages aren't computer generated gobbledygook.  They look impressive, and read like a real person wrote them.

Your site text will be different than any other mortgage pro, and search engines like Google love that.  Plus, GhostWriter will "ghost" your pages automatically, on a schedule, so your content is always fresh.

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"I was able to personalize the pages to reflect who I am, by revising the pages slightly to meet my writing style and experience.  Those subtle changes have made a great impression on people looking for someone like me.  I receive leads from all over the country.  Buyers find me, I pre-approve them, and then send them to a REALTOR I know, or one with whom I want to get to know better.  They are extremely appreciative and take excellent care of the borrowers, and they become very loyal partners.  REALTORS also find me on the web when they are looking for a particular lender and product to help meet their buyers' needs.  This has built up my REALTOR relationships as well as my overall business.  I have even learned to blog and I am amazed how many hits I have from just blogging."

- Sherry Bitner, MP

Quickly turn your anonymous web visitors into hot leads

Getting people to your website is great, but you have to capture their information, too.  Add as many pre-built lead capture forms as you’d like, wherever you’d like.  These “got a question” and “contact us” forms work well, but if you want even more leads, write your own forms such as “Need a lower rate?” 

When filled out, the lead is sent straight to your e-mail and cell phone so you can respond in record speed.  You'll be able to follow-up quickly before they start shopping elsewhere or get irritated by a slow response.

Lastly, with XSellerate, that prospect is automatically added to the perfect marketing campaign based on the form they filled out.

Call 1-800-ALAMODE for more information or click here to get a free trial of Mortgage XSites.



Convert leads and contacts into life-long clients automatically

How often do you talk to clients that closed years ago?  When a lead turns cold, do you still keep in touch?  How often do you reach out proactively? 

Staying connected seems impossible when you're trying to close hot leads and navigate through the regulatory minefield.  But it's necessary to grow your business and referral base.  Luckily, XSellerate makes it easy.   

When you add XSellerate to your XSite, all your contacts are followed up with pre-written and professionally designed e-mails, keeping you in front of them and nurturing that relationship.  In fact, as leads come into your XSite, they're added to the perfect campaign instantly.  Set up campaigns to span weeks, months, or even years.

Read more about XSellerate here.  


FleXApp 1003 — the loan app they’ll actually like

Unlike other online and paper loan apps, FleXApp isn't intimidating and cumbersome to fill out.  Every field has a help screen to answer questions, so applicants won't have to call you for help.  They can even step away from the app and finish it later -- the data is saved for you and the borrower. 

You'll prefer FleXApp over other online apps or paper because:

  • Borrowers can choose from the long or short application
  • CBC Credit interface and click through credit authorizations tell you if the deal has legs before you export to your LOS
  • App in English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese
  • Relevant questions are asked in plain English, rather than typical form jargon

FleXApp 1003 comes built-in to XSites or you can add it to your website.  Learn more about it here.


LOS integration eliminates retyping

With XSites and FleXApp, simply export your loan apps directly to Calyx Point® or virtually any LOS supporting the Fannie Mae DO/DU 3.2 format.  You'll spend your time on what really matters -- cultivating relationships.  No more tedious rekeying, typos, or wasted time. 

Call 1-800-ALAMODE for more information or click here to get a free trial of Mortgage XSites.


XSites Desktop keeps everything at your fingertips

XSites Desktop is the perfect free companion to your XSite.  Once downloaded, it's always running on your desktop.  This way, you don't have to log in to browsers to get to new loan apps, visitors to your website can chat with you instantly, and you'll get customized scores for your website's effectiveness. 

Other website vendors don't have anything like XSites Desktop.  Learn more about it here.

Call 1-800-ALAMODE for more information or click here to get a free trial of Mortgage XSites.


"The XSites desktop is amazing!  During the day when someone enters the website, I am immediately notified and can actually ask them if they have any questions.  It reminds me of the doorbell ringing and I simply answer the door, and there is my next new client!"

- Sherry Bitner, MP

Automatic status messages —
no more hand-holding

Throughout the loan process, your clients, the real estate agents, processors and anyone else you want in the loop, receive automatic status e-mails at every milestone.  Clients can also log into your website and check status online.  No more status phone calls and wasted time playing phone tag.

The best part?  It’s all automatic.  This level of service is better than what clients get from even the biggest lenders. 

Call 1-800-ALAMODE for more information or click here to get a free trial of Mortgage XSites.



DirectFax — less paper, less hassle

Rather than asking clients to mail papers in or drop them off, ask that they simply fax pay stubs, tax returns, contracts or any other documents to you using DirectFax.  It's simple.

They print out a bar-coded cover page from your XSite and fax it all to our 800 number, where it's then converted into a PDF and stored in the proper loan folder in your XSite.  No more piles of papers or shipping bills.  And clients will love the convenience.

Call 1-800-ALAMODE for more information or click here to get a free trial of Mortgage XSites.



24/7/365 support — no more delays or unanswered e-mails

Unlike most modern companies, we like your phone calls and it shows.  In fact, you're backed by a fully-staffed customer support team 24x7x365.  You won't be left with voice mail or e-mail that might (if you're lucky) get answered a few days later.  When you call us, you'll always get through to a real live human being who's charged with getting you productive immediately.  

Our support center is based in Oklahoma City and you'll talk to a mortgage-trained professional anytime -- for FREE.

Call 1-800-ALAMODE for more information or click here to get a free trial of Mortgage XSites.



"I am only one call, or e-mail, away from an abundance of help from my a la mode team!  The nice thing is the a la mode team also calls me periodically and asks if I need help on anything!  I would not trade my a la mode XSites website for anything in the world!  Thank you a la mode XSites!!!"

- Sherry Bitner, MP

There's no other mortgage website like it

Sure an XSite will help you get more leads and turn them into clients.  But it goes further...  It will also help you free up the time you spend processing loans so that you can drum up more business.  In fact, we guarantee it.  If you’re not 100% satisfied with your XSite, we’ll refund every penny. 

See it all for yourself.  Your XSite will be up and running in minutes.  Get a trial or buy now with no risk.

Call 1-800-ALAMODE for more information or click here to get a free trial of Mortgage XSites.


Still skeptical? Have questions?

We're happy to look at your current website and compare it to XSites.  Then, we'll help you get up and running.  Give us a call at 1-800-ALAMODE, or click here to e-mail us.  Or, click here to request a free trial of Mortgage XSites.