The idea farm for appraisers

Welcome to the appraisal industry's only formal, collaborative initiative centered on building cutting edge applications based on emerging technologies and innovative thinking. At a la mode labs, we'll build early prototypes of long term potential products, and get them into your hands for free. We augmented our Beta Group of volunteer appraisers with an additional smaller group of paid Research Fellows who are also real, practicing appraisers.



Data collection and sketching for your iPad

Have you seen our groundbreaking DaVinci for iPhone, the first and only appraisal data gathering and sketching app for the iPhone?  And have you heard about Apple's latest device, the iPad?  If so, you may be wondering whether we'll leverage the iPad to help you gather data, sketches, notes, and photos while in the field and cut out redundant data entry back in the office.  The answer is YES, and it will be called DaVinci for iPad..





Data collection and sketching for your Android-based phone

If you're the owner of a smartphone running Google's Android operating system, or soon will be, we've heard it's required that you understand the "these aren't the droids" movie reference. Once you get over that hurdle, you'll definitely want to keep an eye out for more information on our upcoming addition to the DaVinci field data gather and sketching family — DaVinci for Android.


Like DaVinci for iPhone, DaVinci for Android is a field data gathering and sketching tool for appraisers, but runs Google's Android operating system (OS).


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