Daily Rate Lock Advisory
Send daily expert rate lock advice automatically
  • Deliver rate float/lock advice without researching, analyzing, and forecasting complex bond market data
  • Understandable advice moves your prospects confidently through the pipeline quickly
  • Tied to your XSites' lead capture system so new contacts can start receiving advice immediately
Send daily expert rate lock advice automatically

Expert rate analysis and advice has never been more in demand, and it's never been easier to provide rate lock information confidently to everyone in your database. The Daily Rate Lock Advisory works with XSellerate (our automatic mortgage marketing system, click here to learn more) and provides the tools you need to give expert rate advice to clients, prospects, and referral partners without having to research, compile, analyze, and forecast complex market data.

The Daily Rate Lock Advisory seamlessly ties with your XSite and XSellerate so any (or all) web-generated leads are added to your rate lock updates instantly and automatically. And since they carry your information, along with a "sales approach", you'll move borrowers to lock quicker and with less uncertainty than ever before.

The forecast is written and provided by industry expert Al Bowman who has been in the business for over 20 years. But, the e-mails you send are branded with your company information, positioning you as
the trusted source of this valuable information. You'll get fewer rate questions, phone calls, and have a marketing edge that's sure to generate referrals.