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Go paperless, cut shipping bills, and offer superb service
  • Deliver disclosure docs electronically and get them back signed with electronic or traditional signatures in minutes, not days
  • Automatic signature tags eliminate errors
  • Fully compliant with federal (ESIGN) and state (UETA) laws
  • Complete signature audit trails keeps you compliant with stringent regulations
  • Merge and gather docs from many sources -- the 1003 in your LOS, Word docs, and PDFs
  • Over 7.2 million mortgage signatures applied
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Go paperless, cut shipping bills, and offer superb service

With SureDocs, you’ll have electronic disclosure docs, delivered in a secure, GLB-compliant manner, and you can receive signatures in minutes. You’ll provide better service, speed closings, and get borrowers locked in faster — before they shop around.  Click here to get a free trial now.

There are a few eSignature solutions available, but SureDocs is the clear choice for mortgage professionals.  Read this article in the August issue of Scotsmans Guide for a feature checklist when you're shopping for eSignature software.

SureDocs knows your loan docs, and automatically tags them for signatures so the borrower knows exactly where to sign. No confusion, embarrassing omissions or wasted time going back and forth.

Our Variable Signature System (VSS) flexibly accommodates the requirements of originators, wholesalers, and investors. So, if a lender requires a “hand-written” signature (like the IRS 4506), you’ll have it.

In addition, each document carries its own audit trail complete with time stamps for document delivery, receipt, viewing, and signing — which is perfect for proving compliance with the Housing and Economic Recovery Act (HERA). Of course, all signatures are legally binding in all 50 states, and each signature is coded with a unique serial number so you can verify a signature trail any time in the future.

SureDocs is fast, secure, compliant, and has been used since 2006 to apply over 7.2 million signatures. Try it today and remember you're always protected by our 100 day money back guarantee.  If you're not thrilled, we'll refund every penny.  

Need additional information?  Click here for lender information, here to verify the authenticity of signed disclosures, here for more security information, and here to view the EULA (End User License Agreement).

Do you have an office needing 50 licenses or more of SureDocs? Give us a call at 1-800-ALAMODE to discuss Enterprise level pricing.

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  • “SureDocs has saved us $61,250 in a year in overnight shipping bills, copier and storage expenses. Needless to say, it’s paid for itself many times over. We’ll send the GFE with SureDocs and if something changes, or if we switch lenders, we would be hit with shipping fees and delays every time if we didn’t have SureDocs. And the other thing you can’t put a price on... As an owner, it protects me and that’s huge. With SureDocs, there’s a full audit trail I can access for any signature on any doc. The peace of mind is priceless.” Andy May
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