DaVinci is the first appraisal program in the US to receive the Certified for Windows Vista logo

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a la mode, inc., one of the real estate industry’s largest and most mission critical technology companies, announced today that DaVinci, its sketch and field data gathering product, is the first real estate appraisal program in the US to receive the Certified for Windows Vista logo, ushering in next-generation reliability to the real estate appraisal process. DaVinci also runs on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. DaVinci allows appraisers to easily create floor plan sketches, either at the office using a desktop computer, or in the field using a Tablet PC or UMPC and a digital pen. When used on site at a field inspection, DaVinci allows appraisers to also gather required information, take freeform notes, and manage photos, in addition to sketching the floorplan.

a la mode’s companion desktop formfilling software, WinTOTAL, is overwhelmingly the most popular appraisal program on the market, with more than half of all real estate appraisers nationwide utilizing it. All of the data gathered within DaVinci, including the sketch, stays organized in a single file that is saved in a native WinTOTAL format, which makes it seamless and simple to transfer to the final appraisal report. Until now, appraisers typically used pencil, paper, and a traditional clipboard to sketch the property and gather data, but that process can easily introduce errors.

It’s possible using manual methods to overlook measurements, be unaware that a measurement is incorrect, or even fail to note important features of the property being appraised. DaVinci guides the appraiser through a completely customizable onsite inspection, and provides an interactive checklist of critical data which needs to be gathered before leaving the site. An appraiser in the field can also drive by comparable properties and complete the appropriate sections of the report directly within DaVinci, ensuring the best comparables are used and that the comparable data is as accurate as possible. Data is saved in the appraiser’s Digital Workfile, storing a full audit trail of the work done and ensuring compliance with government regulations and professional standards. In addition to improving the reliability of the information gathered, DaVinci enables the appraiser to go directly from the field inspection to the final report without retyping data or sorting through the subject and comparable photos, saving the appraiser substantial amounts of time and effort.

“The real estate industry is undergoing massive technological transformation, and appraisers are at the leading edge of it,” said David Biggers, Chairman and founder of a la mode. “Microsoft’s rigorous standards and independent laboratory testing allow companies such as ours to provide the innovative tools appraisers now require, while simultaneously assuring them that they’ll have a positive experience with reliable software.”

“Microsoft is pleased that a la mode has earned the Certified for Windows Vista software logo for its DaVinci application,” said Jeff Price, Senior Director of Windows Client Product Management at Microsoft Corp. “This highlights a la mode’s commitment to providing its customers with higher quality applications that deliver a more secure, reliable and compatible experience with Windows Vista.”

Thousands of real estate professionals have downloaded and evaluated DaVinci prior to its release from the a la mode Labs website, providing valuable input and feedback as part of the development process. DaVinci is available for download here.

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Press contact:
Chris Low
Product Manager, a la mode, inc.
Telephone: 801-972-6672

Sales contact:
Brian Hedges
Appraisal Sales Manager, a la mode, inc.
Telephone: 800-252-6633


About a la mode

Founded in 1985, a la mode develops desktop tools, mobile tools, web sites for real estate professionals, mortgage brokers, and appraisers. a la mode’s flagship product, WinTOTAL form-filling software for appraisers leads the residential appraisal industry. a la mode’s Mercury Network, a vendor management platform for lenders, provides the most experienced local appraisers in an HVCC-compliant, easy-to-use loan ordering and management application. a la mode’s mission-critical products are used by hundreds of thousands of appraisers, agents, inspectors, and lending professionals to complete the nation’s real estate transactions.  The company’s state-of-the-art offices are located in Salt Lake City, Oklahoma City, and Washington, DC.  To learn more, visit www.alamode.com.