Still in development, Titan already beats the competition

Every appraiser knows the legendary names from the past two decades of our appraisal software — names like Aurora, Athena, Apollo, and Olympus. But now there’s a new one to learn: “Titan”. And it’s the best one yet, by a long shot.

Titan is our latest-generation, 100% cloud-based forms system that runs on any web-enabled device (even a Mac). You can log in from anywhere, using your favorite browser, and instantly start working.

We want you to see where we’re going, hear how cool and impressive it is, and learn how much being a web product improves the way you work.

  • All you need is the Internet

    Use your desktop PC, your wife’s MacBook, the office iPad, or your Android tablet - Titan works with any browser.  No complicated networks needed.

  • Start a new report

    Use common forms or your own favorite templates to start new reports.

  • Make changes from any device

    Prefill reports from the office, and then access them on-site.  Staff can make report changes that are immediately reflected on your device in the field.  You can even make changes to and resubmit a report while still in the field.

  • Familiar form-filling without learning new software

    There’s no learning curve here - Titan looks and feels just like TOTAL, without networks to set up or software to install.

  • Access forms in a snap

    Search by form name or number, and browse the filtered results for quick form retrieval.

  • In-browser sketching means no additional software downloads

    It’s easy to adjust your sketches in Titan, even while out of the office.  Create or add to a sketch directly from your browser.  The changes are then immediately saved to your report for you or your staff to access.

  • Simple photo uploads

    Keep working, even while uploading multiple photos at once. No waiting for images to upload means faster turn times for your reports.

  • Clearer maps

    See where your map will crop before adding it to your report, so you can center your subject and comps exactly where’d you like.

The shift to cloud-based appraising

This is as significant as the move from DOS to Windows was back in the day — and we’re confident it will have the same impact.

It’s expensive and resource-intensive as a software developer to create robust cloud-based products for the next technology shift (along with truly mobile tools) at the same time that you’re still developing desktop Windows software for the old technology environment. Like the short-sighted DOS vendors of old who moved too slowly to Windows versions, trying to avoid the shift to the web and to mobility is simply a slow death sentence.

Titan frees you from your desk.
You'll be able to:

  • Share reports, files, or comps with peers in a click.
  • Fill out your forms on the web, on the desktop, or both.
  • Files are saved in the cloud — not tied to your hard drive.
  • Eliminate the need for complicated servers and networks.
  • Choose any machine, Mac or PC with any browser, like Internet Explorer, Safari, or Chrome.
  • Works perfectly with TOTAL for Mobile.

“I love the versatility of being online. This opens up so many options for those of us on multiple platforms and on the go I can now upset my wife even more by working from anywhere, even the beach! I like not having to be tethered to my desktop all the time.”

Check out the latest features for Titan’s Elite Preview

While in development, these previews give our Elite customers an exclusive glimpse into what we’re working on. As an Elite, you can log in to check out the latest additions and let us know what you think. It’s a great way to have a hand in shaping Titan, and see for yourself why we think it’s already better than its competition.


Fourth Preview: Addenda, grid hotkeys, and flood maps


Third Preview: Create, edit, and review reports


Second Preview: Sketching, mapping, and better photos


First Preview: Welcome to Titan

“It works in Safari on my Mac!  WOOHOO!  This makes it so much easier to make corrections on the fly or not have to upload a report and then download when I return to the office.”

Questions and answers

  • I can’t log in to the Titan preview.  What's going on?

    If you're experiencing problems logging in, verify you're using the correct username and password.  Click here if you need help resetting your password.

  • When will I be able to access Titan?  How much will Titan cost?

    The Standard version of Titan is slated for release mid‑2017.  Then, the Pro and Enterprise versions will be subsequently released.  As we get closer to release, we'll keep you in the loop for information regarding release dates, pricing, and availability.

  • What features are available in the current Titan preview?

    The newest features added to Titan include:

    • View and edit information in the Assignment PowerView
    • Add, remove, or rearrange forms from the Contents window
    • Reports are automatically saved when adding or removing maps, sketches, or forms, and every 10 minutes if changes have been made.
    • Launch SmartStart when starting a new report via the toolbar or File menu option
    • Create, edit, and delete sketches from the Sketch PowerView
    • Drag and drop photos, or browse for images, to add photos in the Forms PowerView
    • Add, edit, and replace location maps from the Forms PowerView
    • Create and use new QuickLists entries in the Forms PowerView
  • I already own TOTAL and have a membership.  Will I need to buy Titan?

    Titan is unlike any product we've offered.  It will provide you with secure, online visibility to everything you need in one cloud‑based application - on your schedule, from wherever you are.  Think of Titan as an extremely powerful computer with all of the memory and horsepower needed.  In fact, Titan will run perfectly on the most inexpensive $299 Chromebook - meaning you could even forgo the expensive desktop and network hardware for Titan if you'd like.

    Lowering your hardware cost is one of the big benefits of Titan.  Therefore, it isn't included with TOTAL or an annual membership.  We're finalizing the pricing now and will let you know more as we get closer to release.  As with all of our products, rest assured that the price will be fair and affordable.

  • Now that you're releasing Titan, are you retiring WinTOTAL Aurora?  What are the plans for the desktop version of TOTAL?

    After the release of Titan, we plan to retire and end support for WinTOTAL Aurora.  However, there's no date for Aurora's retirement and we'll support it for the foreseeable future.  TOTAL, on the other hand, will have direct integration with Titan - allowing you to synchronize reports between the web‑based server and your personal computer.

    Remember, Titan is a web‑based product, and there are still many reasons why appraisers need a desktop solution.  We'll continue to provide industry-leading software and support for our modern, web‑based and desktop products.

  • When will Titan be officially released?

    We want to make sure we have everything customers need to create their reports, and that means we have a lot of work left to do.  Due to Titan's complexity, we're estimating mid‑ to late‑ 2017 for the official release.  Of course, we'll keep you informed with new information every step of the way.

  • What is a Titan Beta Tester?  How do I sign up?

    Beta testing is a partnership that benefits both you and us.  Testing allows you to gain access to Titan and preview the latest features and functionality before it's released to the public, while helping our Quality Assurance team find potential issues and troubleshoot any problems you encounter.

    If you're interested in becoming an a la mode Titan Beta Tester, we'd love to hear from you.  Click here for additional information on signing up.  Keep in mind that space is limited and we won't be able to accept all applications.

  • I've heard that Titan is web‑based.  What does "web‑based" mean?  Are there system or browser requirements?

    As the term implies, web‑based means that Titan is accessed via the Internet using your web browser, and it's run from an a la mode web server.  All work that is completed is saved securely online.  This allows you to log in to Titan from any Internet‑connected device and continue working.

    One of Titan's most exciting features is that it's compatible with all major web browsers and operating systems.  You're no longer limited to using Internet Explorer on a Windows operating system.  If you want to use a Mac with Safari, or a Windows 10 machine with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, Titan supports it.  And of course, Internet Explorer works too."

    While Titan works on any Internet‑connected device, TOTAL for Mobile is still our dedicated platform for mobile devices. For inspections, we don't recommend using Titan on devices with limited screen size, such as smartphones, phablets, or tablets.
  • Will Titan work with my desktop version of TOTAL?

    Yes and no.  While the full release of Titan will allow you to synchronize reports between the web and your desktop, the current preview of Titan cannot.  During the Titan preview, only example reports are accessible in Titan.  When Titan is officially released, you'll be able to use it in conjunction with your TOTAL desktop software.  You can start reports in TOTAL, synchronize and access them in Titan on the web, make changes, and then synchronize and access them again on your desktop with those changes reflected.

  • Are the hotkey shortcuts in Titan the same as in TOTAL and TOTAL Sketch?

    Yes.  The shortcuts you use in TOTAL are the same for Titan.  Some shortcuts don't currently function in the current Titan preview, but all of the shortcuts you're familiar with will be available with the full release of Titan.

  • What if my Internet service is slow or unreliable? Can I use Titan without an Internet connection?  What happens if my session times out or my connection drops while I'm in a report?

    Titan is a fully web‑based platform, and therefore requires a stable Internet connection.  Even so, if your Internet connection drops while in the middle of a report, your most recent changes are saved.  Titan automatically saves in the background any time a map, sketch, or form is added or removed in a report, and it checks for any changes to your work every 10 minutes.

    Of course, some appraisers won't be able to take advantage of Titan due to unreliable Internet service.  Keep in mind that we still provide a desktop software solution with TOTAL, which will work in conjunction with or without Titan.

  • Will I be able to transfer my appraisal files, contacts, QuickLists and other settings to Titan?

    Yes.  When Titan is released, we'll provide a way for you to easily transition all your data to the new system, including your comps and photos databases.

  • Does Titan keep my data secure?

    Certainly.  Titan uses the same secure Vault storage you've used and trusted for years, and the communication between your computers and ours is encrypted.  Even the preview versions of Titan utilize Secure Socket Layers (SSL), which is an industry security standard.

  • Is Titan replacing TOTAL for Mobile?  Will I still be able to use TOTAL for Mobile if I want?

    While you can use Titan to fill out forms on any device, we recognize the importance of a dedicated mobile app for use on your inspections.  Simply resizing or zooming in on a web page or form isn't efficient, and often impractical.  This means that TOTAL for Mobile will still be around, and will work in conjunction with Titan.

  • Does Titan support third‑party integration and products in the TOTAL Store?

    Not during the current preview.  Third‑party integration will be supported with the full release of Titan via the TOTAL Store.

  • Will webinars and training classes be available for Titan?

    While training isn't available during the preview period for Titan, you'll have plenty of training resources available to you after the full release.