How does it work?

Vault backs up and stores your appraisal files, databases, contacts, canned comments, and office settings daily to our USPAP-compliant cloud. So, if you can't get to your office after a disaster, you can work remotely by accessing files from anywhere. Or if your PC is wrecked, every file will be restored. And, you can instantly get reports years later if an underwriter or judge calls for them.

What happens when I’m out of space?

Whether your five-year requirement passes or you need to remove files from your Vault account to free up space, it’s easy to delete files from your Vault account. And just like other cloud-backup solutions, you can quickly add more Vault space too.

How is Vault space defined?

Appraisal reports are comprised of a lot more than just one document. You have the form itself, plat maps, extra photos, correspondence between you and your client, and more. So, unlike other backup solutions, we charge you per report rather than each individual file size.

What happens when I renew?

Just like your membership and other services, your Vault spaces will need to be renewed annually. Keep in mind that the renewal covers the Vault spaces you have, and it’s not adding more space to your account. However, if you need more Vault space before your renewal, you can always add more to your account at any time.

Can I back up my old files?

Of course. Vault will store anything you upload, regardless of where they’re located.

How long does it take to set up?

It only takes you a few minutes to enable your Vault settings within TOTAL. From there, Vault watches your folders in TOTAL for new reports or changes to old reports, which then get automatically sent to our USPAP- compliant cloud. The backup can be scheduled to run automatically, and you can also set it up to send you notifications to let you know when reports get backed up.

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