Support for WinTOTAL Aurora ended in May of 2021

a la mode no longer provides technical support for WinTOTAL Aurora.

Aurora is 16 years old. Old enough to drive. Throughout the years, we've tried to strike a good balance of keeping the features you're used to, while innovating to keep up with the business. Aurora has been with us since XP, but now, like with XP and even Windows 7, it's time to say goodbye. Read more about why.

We've made it easier than ever to transition to TOTAL on your new PC. All you need is an external hard drive. Our Move Tool will do the work for you—transferring your reports, photos, user settings, signatures, QuickLists, and contacts in one go.

We recommend updating to TOTAL as quickly as possible. While Aurora may continue to work after May 28, 2021, you will no longer receive technical support. If you wait until something goes wrong or stops working before upgrading, you could be down for days while you shop for a new machine, set it up, and transfer your data over. That's time you could be spending on your business.

To learn more about getting started in TOTAL, check out our:

Sign up for Coaches Corner: TOTAL Startup and Settings or Coaches Corner: Getting started with reports and one of our Coaches will teach you all the tricks to get started!

We've been down this road with you before. One day, technology will advance to the point where Aurora or its components, like the maps, will break because it can't keep up with modern requirements. Don't wait until something is broken to fix it. Upgrade now so your workflow is never interrupted.