Everything you need.
Always in sync.

Titan Drive keeps all your reports, user settings, QuickLists, signatures, and more all in one place — making it easy to recover from a hardware disaster or upgrade to a new computer.

Know when a newer
version is online

If you have a newer version of a report in Titan Drive than you do in TOTAL, you’ll get a message to notify you. Just pull down the newer version from Titan Drive and continue working.

Think you're safe with an external hard drive or “cheap” online storage?

Take a look at the comparison chart below to see how your backup solution stacks up.

Hard Drive Dropbox Google Drive OneDrive CrashPlan Carbonite Sharefile Titan Drive
Backs up automatically 1 2 2 2
Inside the TOTAL formfiller, quickly verify if a report is securely backed up with status icons
Long-term file storage, even for reports removed from your local computer
Unlimited file backup and storage
Collaborate with others, make edits, and see changes in real-time without having to email, call, or share a link
Make edits on the spot while viewing files in the cloud
Saved offsite - files secure from theft, natural disaster, fire, and water damage
Easily accessible files from anywhere with an internet connection 1 3 3
Automatically stores databases (QuickLists, comps, signatures, and settings) 1 6 4
Automatically restores reports and databases (QuickLists, comps, signatures, etc.) back to the right place 45
24/7/365 phone support with appraisal trained, US-based technicians
Restores files to the Appraisal Desktop 1 45
Search appraisal-specific fields (address, client, and inspection date)
Typical appraiser downtime to restore databases (QuickLists, comps, signatures, and settings) N/A N/A N/A N/A 1+ day 6 1+ day 4 N/A Minutes
Typical appraiser downtime for file recovery 1/2+ day 1/2+ day 1/2+ day 1/2+ day 1/2+ day 1/2+ day N/A Minutes
  1. Requires additional configuration and setup, and is dependent on the backup program that comes with the hardware.
  2. Removed from the cloud if the file is removed from the local machine.
  3. Files are inaccessible, but require navigating through multiple folder structures.
  4. These plans start at $599 annually
  5. Can overwrite the existing versions of files that are restored.
  6. Database “dump” files must first be created before storing them, otherwise they may fail to backup or restore properly.

Data comparison accurate as of 7/19/2019 and is subject to change at any time.

Send files to the cloud automatically

With Titan Drive, you won't have to manually save your reports to the cloud. When you're done, just save the report, close TOTAL, and it'll go to the cloud automatically.

No limits on file storage

You've got years of appraisal reports to back up. So the sky is the limit. That means no more warnings about file space, and no need to buy additional space when you run out.

Your all-in-one network for appraisal reports and settings

Everything is available on your private cloud, so you're no longer tethered to a costly-to-buy-and-maintain infrastructure. Simply rely on Titan Drive to connect and support your workflow with no additional hardware.