The Company Matters

How did we get to be the leading provider of real estate software and web solutions for appraisers, agents, mortgage professionals, inspectors and more — and how are we different from the rest?

The answer to this question matters more than the details of any of our single products.  After all, you're investing in more than just a single tool — you're buying into a full suite to boost your business and an entire team dedicated to making you more profitable.  Is our team more qualified to do that than the alternatives out there?  Absolutely.

Our Network Operations Center handles tens of millions of data hits per day.  In fact, over half of the nation's real estate transactions pass through this Center.  It's secure, reliable, and scalable.

Our large onshore development team keeps appraisers, agents, mortgage professionals, inspectors and more ahead of their competition with the latest tools to increase productivity and boost their profits.  It's no wonder we're the #1 choice and growing constantly.

The rarest of cultures

Unlike our competitors who've been bought and sold so many times it's hard to keep track, after 31 years and every real estate cycle imaginable, we're still 100% privately owned by the same guy with zero debt.  Zero debt.  That frees us from the inane corporate jockeying that's inevitable when you're saddled with debt and care more about profits than doing the right thing.  Instead, we've spent our time, energy and millions on building an infrastructure that no other company can touch.  An infrastructure that makes our customers more successful and our products the #1 choice.

We got here with hard work, intense self-criticism and by leading every technological advance instead of chasing competitors.  Without venture capital or fat corporate backing, we've earned the top position with real solutions that make our customers' lives easier.  And the proof's in the pudding.  With our 100 day money back guarantee, we wouldn't make a dime if our products didn't work and work well.

Real dedication to our clients

We also back our products with fully staffed 24 x 7 x 365 tech support.  When weekends and nights are some of your busiest times, why is your vendor closed? What if you have a question or problem? With us, you won't be left with voice mail or e-mail that might (if you're lucky) get answered a few days later.  You'll get through to a real live human being at our Oklahoma City location who's charged with getting you productive immediately.

Dominating the industry through client loyalty

There's a reason that over 100,000 professional agents, brokers, lenders, inspectors, and appraisers rely on our desktop, mobile, and web-based products as mission-critical foundations of their business.  There's a reason that nearly 50% of all residential mortgages in the U.S. rely on our systems and technology, every single day.  And there's a reason you should rely on us too.  Simply put, we provide the right solutions, at the right price, backed by the right service.  Come see for yourself.

You won't look back.

Our client support center is staffed with experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.