The most efficient way to complete your grid and reduce revision requests

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One screen, all the data you need

You don’t have to pull up multiple websites, repeatedly copy and paste, or manually enter data – all of which waste time and leave you open to errors and potential revision requests. QuickSource imports data from your MLS, public records, your comps database, and SmartExchange (peers) – all in a single side-by-side screen without leaving TOTAL.

Squash revision requests
before they happen

You can boost client confidence and reduce revision requests by easily comparing data across four sources, prioritizing which data sources you prefer for specific fields, and setting custom formatting rules. You can also quickly see if you need to make better comp selections. Since you’re looking at the data sources a reviewer or lender would be looking at, you can easily see what might trigger a revision request or a question about comp selection and address it immediately, instead of the report potentially getting kicked back.

Push clean, formatted data
directly into your report

Once QuickSource pulls in the data and you’ve compared and corrected any discrepancies, one click sends it straight into your report in TOTAL, filling in your grid with the best data. Plus, you know it’s already formatted exactly how you want, thanks to your custom formatting rules in QuickSource, so there’s no wasting time going back through and changing anything. This automation is a crucial time-saving benefit when using multiple data sources!

Automatically generate
a bulletproof Workfile

QuickSource helps you stay compliant with the USPAP Record Keeping Rule by automatically adding all data from all sources – used and unused – to your report’s Workfile. You don’t have to do any extra work, create any PDFs, or even think about it. It just happens.

“QuickSource helps me quickly see discrepancies between public records, MLS, and what my peers report for comps. That allows me to ensure I’m using the best data possible and catching any potential issues that could turn into revision requests. Plus, it saves me significant time on each report.” Tim Hubbel, Active Appraisal Service

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