Efficient and accurate tools combined to maximize your output

The Elite System paired with TOTAL and Titan Reports provides the ideal work experience for any appraiser. From the moment you receive an order until the moment it’s delivered - the tools provided in Elite help you every step of the way. Click here to learn more about TOTAL.

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Included in Elite: Retail
TOTAL Connect Pro allows you to deliver UAD MISMO XML and PDF reports to all major plugins, including (.ENV) AppraisalPort, CoreLogic Valuation Solutions, and more. See the full list here. $299
TOTAL for Mobile™ data gathering and sketch integration for your iPhone®, iPad®, or Android™ device to seamlessly sync data into your TOTAL reports (all unlimited to any customer with an active membership, no pay-per-sync fees) Free
TOTAL Sketch Pro for power user sketching tools like Trace mode, Photometrics, and integration with third-party sketchers $129
Your Elite Membership gives you a one-year subscription to Titan Drive (unlimited files) and Exact so you can store your reports and settings with confidence. $199

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”We got everything we needed in the past three days to totally change our operation to paperless. We’re going to save time, save money, and we’re not going to have to work so much.“

Dann Cann / C & M Appraisals Inc.

Elite-only 24/7 phone support and one-on-one Product Coach training

There’s no such thing as an “8-5, Monday through Friday” schedule for appraisers. That’s why we’re staffed all day, every day. (Excluding New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.) We understand that deadlines come first and revision requests can’t wait.

Elite Members get 24/7 live support. Plus, the private Elite-only support line gives you access to the most seasoned technicians and jumps you ahead of other callers — even the Elite line.

If you need help getting the most out of your tools, you can schedule unlimited one-on-one coaching sessions with our expert Product Coaches. Schedule as many appointments as you like for free!

You’ll also have access to Elite-only workflow and marketing webinars and live training opportunities to give you an edge over your competition.

Learn more about Elite Product Coaching here.

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”I have been with a la mode for 15 years and have always been a Silver member. If I had known the benefits of the coaching program, I would have been Elite the entire time. This information needs to get out there!!“

William Chapman, Abode Real Estate Group

New! Instant market analysis with Titan Analytics.

The Elite System just got even better. It now includes Titan Analytics for instant market analysis without all the hassle. From accurately filling out the entire Market Conditions grid in seconds to adding rapid-fire visual support to your appraisals, Titan Analytics is the difference between hours of daunting questions and sailing through a review. Click here to learn more.

XSites: Land lower-maintenance clients, better fees, and year-round work

There are a lot of generic website vendors. But they’re not built for your business, right out of the box. Since you’re working long hours appraising, you don’t have time to write, juggle several providers, and research search engine tactics. That’s where XSites dominate. They’re the only websites built specifically for appraisers.

With XSites, you get an easy-to-use, professional-looking website with content that attracts new non-lender clients and keeps the old ones coming back with online ordering and easy ways to contact you.

New designs look incredible on mobile devices — where homeowners, real estate agents, and everyone else searches — Potential clients are searching for appraisers from the coffee shop on the phone or the couch with their iPad. Don’t miss an order because your site doesn’t show up in mobile search engines or visitors hit “back” when your site is hard to navigate. With new mobile-friendly designs and an interactive service map, you’ll sell across every device. Better still, Google prefers these designs, so you’ll likely show up higher in search results.


You’ll also find professional print pieces like postcards and door hangers you can leave in neighborhoods you’re working.

Learn more about XSites here

Seminars On Demand: Learn at your own pace

Elite members get one course free, so whether you’re new to TOTAL and want a detailed guide to walk you through the software, or you’re looking to advance your business and go mobile, Seminars On Demand will cover all your questions. We’ve taken our famous seminars and made them available on demand.

The Mobile Appraiser Workflow course will show you how to go paperless using TOTAL for Mobile to collect data in the field, sketch a 6000 SF, multi-level home from start to finish, and see how a DISTO and other tools help to increase your workflow efficiency for a quicker inspection.

Learn more about going mobile here

In the Developing Compliant Reports course you’ll learn everything from customizing settings, starting reports in seconds, saving lots of time in the comps Side-by-side grid, going paperless with the built-in workfile, creating detailed addenda, and delivery.

Learn more about developing compliant reports here

InterFlood: Save time in every report with automated maps

Your Membership gives you unlimited and automatic location maps (aerial and street) as well as unlimited census tract and flood data, with absolutely no per-use fees. They’re instantly added to your report when you enter the subject address.

But that’s just the beginning. Elite also gets you a one year subscription to InterFlood with 500 FEMA flood maps. No more scouring the Internet to manually insert flood maps. Instead, InterFlood instantly and automatically places a high-resolution flood map into your report any time the property is in a flood zone. You’ll be amazed at how much time you’ll save.

Learn more about InterFlood here

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