If you use CertMail via a web browser

If you access your CertMail account through a browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox) then you can continue to use certmail.com without making any changes.

We're updating our security
standards on all CertMail accounts.

What does this mean for you?

CertMail servers won't accept unsecured connections after March 31, 2019: Your email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mobile Device, etc.) must use a secure connection to continue receiving email. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to change your email client to use a secure connection.

Please note some older email clients don’t support using updated security protocols. Outlook 2007 and older are examples of unsupported email clients, even by Microsoft. (Outlook versions newer than 2010 may work but require that all Windows updates and MSOffice updates have been installed.)

When does this not apply?

If you’re not using your CertMail account:
If you’re using another email provider through your XSite, these changes are not required as they only apply to CertMail users.

If you have forwarding enabled on your CertMail account:
If your CertMail is being fowarded to a different email client, and you use that client to send and reply to messages, you can continue using CertMail without adjusting any connections.

What's next for CertMail?

When CertMail was first released in 2003, businesses didn't have many options to host their email. Now there are many options with more storage, better features, higher security and many are for free which is hard to compete with.

With that said, we will be retiring CertMail at the end of 2019 and encourage you to research alternatives now. Click here to see common email alternatives, as well as tips for switching from CertMail to a modern email host. This process can take a little bit of time and research, so plan to take care of this in the coming months.


Access step-by-step instructions to update your CertMail to a secure connection.


Access instructions on switching from CertMail and see email alternatives.

Email Alternatives

Access our full FAQ on why CertMail is being retired and what your options are.

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