The most efficient way to schedule inspections

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually going back-and-forth via phone, text, and email just to get an inspection scheduled, then trying to track the status of all your appointments!

ScheduleAssist connects to your Google Calendar and can automatically help your contacts schedule their appointment at times that work best for you both. Plus, it's completely customizable, so your scheduling preferences are always met. It can even group inspections geographically to save you drive time (and gas money).

“ScheduleAssist is a great tool. It's simple, and it gives you a digital trail of communication with each customer on each appraisal. I love how it integrates with my calendar and suggests times based on my criteria. This is a tool that every appraiser should learn to use.”

Monte Roberts   //   Metric Appraisals, LLC

Reduce wasted time and frustration, improve communications, and streamline your scheduling!

Automatically keeps you and the inspection contact updated so there's no confusion

Suggests inspection times based on your preferences, location, and current schedule

Connects to your existing calendar, but doesn't interfere with your non-work items

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