Switching to TOTAL from another vendor

“I can’t believe I didn’t make the switch sooner.”

Good pricing, great product, and fantastic service. I'm very happy with the switch from ACI to a la mode. I suggest it to everyone I know!”

Jackie Sherman, A Real Value Appraisal

“My associate and myself use two iPads with both on TOTAL for Mobile™. When we ‘attack’ a house and measure, do the pics, and then merge the two, we have cut the time down from over an hour per house to about 30 minutes. Thank you TOTAL engineers for making my profession easier.”

Terry McDaniel, Across Texas Appraisals

“TOTAL has done everything as promised. No extra fees or surprises as promised. Software performance is spot on. Thanks a la mode for making the transition from ACI easy.”

Eric Sargent

“You have such a great team of professionals. I am so glad I came over from ACI. I’ve been with a la mode for several years, and you guys are the best.”

Tom Gress, Appraisal Co.

“Until I started using TOTAL, I had no idea how many features TOTAL had that I was missing in ACI, and how easy it was for me to learn.”

Robert Watson, Watson Appraisal Service

“I was so worried about making a software change, (I hated the thought of learning another type of software) but Tech Support took their time in helping me and it was PAINLESS!”

Jean Ankrom

“I switched to TOTAL from ClickFORMS and really wish I’d done it sooner. Using my Elite System, I’ve gone completely paperless. I’m saving thousands of dollars every year in ink and paper and don’t have to dig through file cabinets when I need to find something. I’m a TOTAL convert!”

Greg Raffield, Southeastern Appraisal Group

“I held off switching from ACI to TOTAL for a long time. In retrospect, I wish I hadn’t waited! TOTAL saves me a lot of time on each appraisal and I haven’t even been using it that long. It took some assistance from a la mode but they’ve been very helpful with everything, big or small!”

Alisa McKeel Willson, Appraisal Pros in Texas

“I’m really excited to make the change now. I think it’s going to save me a lot of time, and actually is going to save me a lot of money in the long run.”

Kim Mitchell, Rod Mitchell Appraisals

“I struggled with unintuitive appraisal software for years. TOTAL is wonderful and is saving me 30 minutes on every report. Support is far beyond what I expected. I couldn’t be happier!”

Patrick Bolen, Bolen RE Appraisals

“I remember years ago when I switched from Appraise-It to a la mode. My production increased exponentially simply because it was easier to use and Technical Support was always there to help.”

Martin Sondey, Real Estate Valuation Associates

“After over 10 years using ClickFORMS, I made the decision to switch to a la mode’s TOTAL software. I first attended the online training webinar, Switching from ClickFORMS to TOTAL. This training helped me understand the ease of making the transfer, how to use TOTAL, and the benefits. Once I purchased the software, the online guide and videos provided the information necessary to start completing appraisals using TOTAL. A product coach is also available, but I have not required this service because the transition has been so smooth. The quality of the software, ease of use, and outstanding support has confirmed I made the right choice.”

Dennis Yosick, DY Appraisals, LLC

“I highly recommend [making the switch]. The TOTAL for Mobile application has been fantastic and I am very pleased with the transition.”

Brad Bassi, Straw Hat Enterprises

“From Athena to TOTAL. All I can say is thank you. I see people struggling with other services and overpaying for something not even close to what you offer. My best memory is switching from ACI.”

Juan Zamudio, A-1 Appraisal Group, Inc.

“I used ACI for many years. I thought I was saving money by purchasing my own mapping and flood systems, but I was wrong! After entering the address, TOTAL automatically checks whether the subject is in a flood zone and instantly places the Flood Map Panel Number in the report. Another advantage over ACI is, with how stable TOTAL is, I haven’t lost one report since switching.”

Jack Swink, Swink Appraisals, Inc.

Make the switch and get started with TOTAL

“The innovations as they've come along have always gotten bigger and better.”

TOTAL's fast and efficient formfilling

“The features are second to none.”

TOTAL is the #1 appraisal formilling solution in the industry. More and more appraisers choose TOTAL because it’s intuitive, stable, built for today’s technology, and includes the features that save you the most time on every report. Here are some of appraisers’ choice TOTAL features, and how they have improved their workflow.

“I would definitely recommend TOTAL and a la mode in general to any other appraisers. The features that they come up with are second to none. Tech Support is awesome. It’s a real time saving program for any appraisers.”

Robin Sibinski, Home Run Appraisals

“I have literally thousands of files and the Appraisal Desktop makes them all easy to work with. I am a paperless office and trying to do what I do without the Appraisal Desktop would be a challenge.”

Dustin Harris, The Appraiser Coach

“By far, TOTAL is the best on the market. It’s the most stable, mobile, and intuitive software. The multi-monitor support is fantastic. And the Comp Database and SmartAddress have made my job so much easier.”

Nathan Hawk, Lumino Valuation Group, Inc.

“I can undock my Workfile and my addendum. Those two things alone are a huge time saver... When I work on my Comps Side-by-side PowerView, I’m able to drag and drop comps from one position to another, which is great. You can look into a slide bar, and look at a multiple comps at a time.

Robin Sibinski, Home Run Appraisals

“TOTAL’s Appraisal Desktop continues to progress with several really cool features most appraisers will like, including the ability to review a report invoice, the order information, the Workfile, and even preview the report without actually opening it. We can also add documents to the report from this view. All of these features are huge time savers. The Reports View is customizable so the appraiser can set the columns he wants to see and, best of all, the Reports View contents can be copied to an Excel spreadsheet to use the order data to plot our work history!”

David Moore, Moore Appraisals

“TOTAL makes going paperless easy. Between the Workfile tab and Titan Drive storage, I know I have all the information and research in my Workfile, and my Workfile has been remotely backed up. I haven’t had to print a single document since switching to TOTAL. The Workfile feature is one of the most useful innovations in forms software. I can take various files and copy them directly into a file TOTAL associates with that appraisal – emails, plans, specifications, PSAs, appraisal order forms, etc. Then, if I want one of those files as a document in my report, TOTAL makes that happen with a couple of clicks. This makes something that was time consuming very quick and easy.”

Mitchell J Frerichs, Broadway Appraisal LLC

“With SmartAddress, I am confident that my UAD-formatted comparables are 100% consistent. Every time. SmartAddress is a must-have tool! SmartAddress has improved my workflow and saved me time.”

Clinton Cook, Cook Appraisals, Inc.

“The more I use TOTAL, the more I like it. I can’t imagine how I got by without it. Even the sketch program blows a certain, well known, widely used sketch program out of the water. I wouldn’t change anything about it. TOTAL obviously understands the needs of a real estate appraiser. They thought of everything! And it’s the only product a modern appraiser needs. Everyone should give it a try, within days you will see the benefits. Worth every penny!”

Patrick Bolen, Bolen RE Appraisals

“I’ve used a la mode’s GP Commercial form for years. This is a great form. You fill out what you need. Folks who insist on a narrative should be free of overpaying for it! A picture is worth a 1000 words, and a lot easier than writing a ”brochure” about your neighborhood. With all the addenda pages, and ease of use in the photo and maps department, a form tells the reader what he needs to know. That is, not what the appraiser needs to use to bulk up the report to justify the fee.”

Peter Fluchere, Fluchere Appraisal Service

See how TOTAL can save you time

Gather data and create sketches in the field with TOTAL for Mobile

“You will save 30 minutes per report...minimum!”

TOTAL for Mobile eliminates manual data entry and resketching in the office. Everything syncs seamlessly with your desktop copy of TOTAL so data flows directly into your report. Plus, appraisers will reduce the need for return trips by having the digital sketch done on site. Check out some of our real appraising experiences with TOTAL for Mobile, and see why appraisers don’t want to go back to the clipboard.

“Best move I’ve made over my career. I went completely mobile and paperless in August of 2013 and have never looked back. TOTAL for Mobile and the Mobile Appraiser Workflow training class gave me all the tools I needed to do a complete appraisal inspection in the field.

Ryan Farmer
Southwest Indiana Association of Realtors

“I've been totally paperless and mobile since October 2015 and have been so successful with this technology, I started a Facebook group dedicated to assisting members in going mobile and paperless (search “Mobile Appraisers” on Facebook!). We are currently at 400 plus members and growing!

Daniel DeMeritt
Marketwise Appraisal LLC.

“TOTAL for Mobile is a game changer. This app is a huge time saver and allows me to complete a huge chunk of the report in the field. I can do the sketch, make notes and voice notes while walking the subject, and put my photos of the property directly into the report while onsite. No more clipboard!”

Ken Miller
Miller Appraisals

“Sketching is very easy on the iPad and surprisingly easy on the iPhone. I have been able to draw 3,000+ square foot houses on my iPhone without difficulty. The data gathering features are very, very good. I hear some appraisers asking whether TOTAL for Mobile makes my inspections go faster. I don’t view TOTAL for Mobile as being a tool to help me go faster, I use it to prevent me from omitting information. When I leave a property, I know I have gathered all the subject property information I need to complete and assignment.

The syncing feature is great. As soon as I complete an inspection, I sync the file to the cloud. When I get back to the office, I download it into TOTAL on my desktop. It couldn’t be easier! TOTAL for Mobile is a must have.”

Philip Marler, Marler Appraisal Services, Inc.

“After the switch to TOTAL, I was able to go paperless within a week. That simple step cut time off of report production. But more than that, not having to store paper files has dramatically reduced costs and storage space. This was a game-changer. The mapping and driving directions built into TOTAL for Mobile are real timesavers, too. On the desktop, I’ve been using the “Link” feature in the Addendum to save tons of time. I’ve even created additional templates for different clients to increase accuracy.”

Dave Hohman, The Hohman Appraisal Company, LLC

“The best thing about TOTAL for Mobile is it gives us the opportunity to go completely paperless. Even though years ago, we went to what we called the “paperless office”, we still carried a single piece of paper into the field to actually draw the sketch out. And so now, that’s gone. We literally don’t use any paper at all when it comes to working on a report now. It takes us to a full digital age.“

Greg Mellies, Mellies Appraisals Service

“TOTAL for Mobile is the biggest leap in productivity since the PDF writer. Use it as a clipboard (not a full-blown report writer) and you will save 30 minutes per report... minimum!”

Robert Abbott, The Appraisal Firm

“TOTAL for Mobile allows me to upload photo pages during the inspection. I use TOTAL Sketch, having switched from Apex. While it took some adjustment, I now love it. TOTAL for Mobile syncs seamlessly. I have eliminated a camera on my inspections. I now carry only my phone and laser measurer. I am at my inspection five minutes longer, but I am assured to have all the data I need prior to leaving. The Fieldpad feature allows me to jot down any and all notes I need, just like I used to on a clipboard. I figure with all the mobile apps, laser measurer, and photos, I am easily saving 20-30 minutes per house.

I am lost without it. I appreciate all the work a la mode has done. Thanks a la mode for keeping up with today’s technology, and providing products so that we can use it to our advantage.”

Brian Van Auken, Van Auken Appraisal Service

“I have been appraising in West Texas for 31 years and I can remember when we did FHAs in pencil with six carbons. Now my associate and myself use two iPads with both on TOTAL for Mobile. When we “attack” a house and measure, do the pics, and then merge the two, we have cut the time down from over an hour per house to about 30 minutes. To put it lightly, this helps when you are covering a 100-mile radius of small communities in extremely rural areas. The latest “add-on” to TOTAL for Mobile increased the speed even more and allows us to jump to different areas in the report in one click. Thank you TOTAL engineers for making my profession easier.”

Terry McDaniel, Across Texas Appraisals

Learn more about TOTAL for Mobile here

XSites are the only websites built specifically for appraisers

“My XSite is where 95% of my business comes from.”

Rick Neighbors is the owner of Texas Real Estate Appraisers in Keene, Texas and an enthusiastic XSite user. XSites proactively pull in new clients with integrated online ordering and billing, lead capture forms, and chat features. They’re also easy to set up and customize with professional themes and pre-written content pages made for appraisers. While Rick readily admits that he doesn’t consider himself a “computer guru”, he gets most of his business from his XSite.

Read Rick's XSites experience below:

Rick Neighbors,
Texas Real Estate Appraisers

While we all need appraisal software to do our jobs, there is another product that we need to be successful in today’s world and that is a website. I am happy to say that my a la mode XSite has been a major factor in the success of my appraisal business! It is actually my only form of advertising, other than a tailgate sign on my pickup (to keep me from getting shot when taking comp photos). My XSite is where 95% of my business comes from. I don’t even have phone book listing, advertise in the yellow pages, or have an office with a sign out front, etc. I office from my home, like a lot of folks.

I was amazed at the quick success of the site. I now monitor the site, make a few changes each month, and have as much business as I can handle in my one-man appraisal shop. Thanks a la mode!

Folks, if you don’t have an XSite, or if you are ignoring the one you have, you are missing the boat! There’s a lot of competition out there.

Give yourself a chance to be more competitive and get on board with an a la mode XSite!“

Click here to try XSites now

“Typically I will show up as one of the top four on the first page of Google.”

Stay in touch with clients and boost orders with XSellerate

“It pays for itself with the first order and the rest is just extra business”

Pearson & Associates, a firm outside of Chicago, relies on XSellerate, our proactive marketing system. With attorney, agent, and homeowner marketing, they’ve built a non-lender clientele that generates high-fee orders. This counter-cyclical tool will help you take control of your income protecting you from rising interest rates and declining traditional mortgage work.

Anne Sullivan from Pearson & Associates gave us her XSellerate experience below.

Anne Sullivan,
Pearson & Associates

“We’ve been in business for 15 years, but we really started using XSellerate eight years ago. It came as part of our Elite System, so I took one of those free half hour a la mode webinars just to see what it was all about. I’m very glad I did!

It took me about an hour to get familiar with XSellerate and get everything started. I began by looking at all the campaigns a la mode has already put together, and I knew we could grow our business with these. I set up a campaign for all of our contacts to receive an email around every holiday, just wishing them the best and reminding them of our services. The holiday campaign was already set up inside XSellerate, so it took me about four minutes to turn it on. After it’s “on”, I don’t have to do anything else – they just go out automatically to our contact list. The result is that we’re reaching out to all our contacts about once a month with a nice marketing message, so we stay on their minds and they send referrals constantly.

We also use all the campaigns in XSellerate targeted for attorneys, and we get several orders weekly from those ads. Those assignments are a great market to break into and XSellerate does it automatically for us.

Over time, we’ve built our contact list to over 2,000 email addresses. We send to real estate agents, lenders at credit unions and local banks, plus our regular clients. (Click here to read about how Anne built her contacts list.) It’s funny, but several of our contacts edit the ads we send and then send them out to their own prospects.

From XSellerate, we get a new order every other day, minimum. We just got a referral yesterday with two orders and they’re full fee attorney estate orders. I recommend it because it pays for itself with the first order and the rest is just extra business that we wouldn’t have had otherwise. It’s a tremendously valuable asset to us.“

Click here to try XSellerate now.

Choosing a la mode as your business partner

“I will never use any other company. a la mode is the best!”

We are known for the best products and services in the industry. Armed with well-trained technicians and product coaches, we’re here to help appraisers improve their business and make their lives easier. Here’s what appraisers appreciate most.

“I’ve been a customer for over 10 years... I’m a technically challenged person and they’re always there to help me.“

“We’ve been with a la mode for over 20 years and never have any problems. The staff is super. We love it! We love you guys!

“a la mode has been instrumental in my success within this industry. The amount of hands on assistance was extremely helpful.“

“I’ve been amazed by how well the Feedback button in TOTAL works. When I see an opportunity for improvement within the software, I submit a suggestion and invariably get contacted by someone at a la mode. They either help me with my issue or get it resolved in an update. This is the only appraisal program I know of where the Feedback feature is actually monitored and taken seriously. Recently, I made a suggestion that was acted on immediately. a la mode is a responsive company!”

Mike Ault, Ault Appraisal Service

“a la mode is the most awesome, cutting edge company I have ever had the pleasure of working with in my 35 years of doing business. Thank you! a la mode totally rocks!”

Leslie Moore, Moore & Associates

“I’ve been with a la mode since 1994. They have made my life easier. I love that they are on top of all the new changes and making the software and other tools easy to use.”

Tami Steffen Mrochinski, B & B Appraisals

“We’ve been with a la mode for over 20 years and wouldn’t dream of switching. I remember several years back flying down to Oklahoma for training. It was fun meeting the people behind the voices, very memorable. We really do enjoy the live training.”

Heather Minke, Wild River Appraisals

“My favorite memory is all the times I’ve been saved by Elite Tech Support! I have been confused on how to fix my problem (my own fault not the software) and within a few minutes, Tech Support has solved my problem and even remotely logged in to fix my issues because I don’t know the computer lingo. I will never use any other company. a la mode is the best!”

Chad Rhoades, CTR Appraisals

“Every customer service memory is a favorite! I’ve never had a bad experience. They’re ridiculously determined to make sure we’re happy and our problems are solved. They helped me recover a sketch I had spent at least 45 minutes on.”

Danielle Vance, WCCI

Learn more about our products and services

“a la mode's software made it easy for me to make a good living for a long time.”

The best appraiser workshops and live training. Period.

“It really was one of, if not the best time I’ve spent in continuing education.”

“That was the best and most beneficial workshop we have attended in our 20 years in this business.”

Duke Garraway, Garraway Appraisals

"I liked the level of detail and how willing everyone was to answer questions. The sketching segment especially helped me with many things I've struggled with. The workshop showed me that a mobile solution is viable and will allow me to do more in the field and produce more accurate reports. I was unaware of just how much time could be saved just by taking photos with a tablet in the field. This workshop is a great value."

Alan Brown, AD Appraisals

"This workshop exceeded my expectations! I enjoyed every minute. Instructors were friendly, well informed and answered questions very well. They encouraged participation and took time to help people understand the technology. They didn't make anyone feel like they had a "stupid" question. After attending this workshop, I think I'll have increased accuracy and I'll spend less time doing data entry and more time marketing. I would attend any of these workshops in the future, even if I thought it didn't apply to me. I was surprised how much I underestimated this class. I wouldn't want to make that mistake again."

Jenny Orsag, Lancaster Appraisal Group

“Our goal was to do more appraisals, make more money, and work less hours and I think that's exactly what's going to happen.”

Mike Flesher, Michael D. Flesher Appraisals

"I've been an appraiser in rural, central Mississippi for 15 years. Just to cut to the chase, the TOTAL for Mobile app and the use of my new iPad in the field has effectively reinvented my appraisal business. ...The transition has been amazing and I'm finding that the quality of my work is improved. Basically, I just wanted to say thanks for the outstanding field training and the user friendly software that takes an often complicated process and makes it so much easier to do. Also, feel free to return to the Hospitality State any time you guys feel like providing regional training. I'm a believer and I'll be there!"

Matt Alford, Alford Realty

"I’m pretty new to appraising, so I didn't really know what to expect from the seminar. Thanks to a la mode's generous offer to use a trial of TOTAL, I was able to take a look around the software prior to attending. After 40 years as a Brick and Stone Mason, I’m keenly aware that 'learning by doing' is priceless when it comes to practicing any new skill.

The Roadshow seminar gave me that opportunity and so much more! The Modern Appraiser Roadshow was a very informative and well-planned event. As a new appraiser trainee, the training helped me to understand how to organize and create a professional and compliant appraisal report. Best of all, I was in attendance for all 3 days, which taught me the skills needed for mobile appraising, and also for going "paperless" from the start of my career. I am confident that the training I received will boost my chances to find a mentor in the very near future! Thank you to all of the a la mode team for this opportunity to learn."

Doug Casady, Santappraiser

"The workshop is fantastic, the instructors are awesome, the support staff is awesome, and everyone is quick to answer your questions and help you out if you get in a bind. I just can't wait to get started!"

Kim Mitchell, Rod Mitchell Appraisals

“I highly recommend it. It’s been a good three days, pretty fun, and I learned a lot.”

Mathew Martin, Matrix Appraisal

"I just attended the three day a la mode Roadshow and it was really fantastic. We spent two days going through the desktop side of the program, with some references to the mobile/field side, then the last day was all about mobility and useful technology in the field. I’ll be spending some time today mapping out how I’ll stage integration of what I learned. It was a bit like drinking from a fire hose in terms of information.

One of the great things they did was provide workbooks you could follow along with and then it take home for step by step instructions. The crew from a la mode was excellent as well. Very knowledgeable and super helpful."

I believe that the integration of what I learned there into my business will lower my operating expenses (toner, paper), as well as make me more efficient, productive and accurate. And I’ll get to fish more!

I would strongly encourage anyone to attend. It could be quite easy to think that at 20+ years of appraising and almost that long using a la mode’s products that there could not be three days’ worth of new things to learn. But that was not the case. It really was one of, if not the best three days I’ve spent in continuing ed."

Robert Bodkin, Red Sky Risk Services

"I really enjoyed the Mobile Workshop and felt I got my money's worth and am ready to be more mobile. And in the near future completely mobile."

Steven Hemrich, Professional Appraisals, Inc.

"This Roadshow was an awesome class! I’ve been spending two hours a day implementing what I learned. And I’m experiencing immediate results in time reduction, consistency and accuracy while just scratching the surface of what was covered. Why didn’t I begin this process sooner?

Thanks so much for all of your work and assistance. I will most likely sign up for these classes again!"

Tom Hudlow, Sunrise Appraisals

“I've been with a la mode since 1987...Today at the seminar, I found 8 to 10 things that are going to help my business. I highly recommend this course.“

Ray Blubaugh, Blubaugh Appraisal Company, Inc.

"Best 2 days I've spent for my business. It's increased my business 50–75%, it'll give me more time with my family, and I'll be a better appraiser for it. I highly suggest this. It's well worth your time and money."

Rick Franklin, Taylor Appraising

"This workshop was very relevant and well worth my time. The workable productivity solutions will change my business in almost every aspect. This was an excellent workshop."

F. Andrew Herr, Lancaster Appraisal Group

"I attended the Modern Appraiser Roadshow in Orlando and it really changed the way I operate my business. After the switch to TOTAL, I was able to go paperless within a week. That simple step cut some time off of report production. But more than that, not having to store all the paper files has dramatically reduced costs and the space needed for storage. This was a game-changer. I also started using ieIMPACT (a third-party application available from the TOTAL Store) for data input. I would bet these changes save me between 1½ to 2 hours per report.

The Roadshow had so many good ideas and tips for using a la mode’s tools to reduce turnaround time and increase accuracy and consistency. I’ve added a second monitor, which is a must when going paperless. The mapping and driving directions built into TOTAL for Mobile are real timesavers, too. On the desktop, I’ve been using the “Link” feature in the Addendum to save tons of time. I’ve even created additional templates for different clients to increase accuracy.

These seminars are worth way more than the cost. I wish traditional CE was as worthwhile. The passion and energy a la mode brings makes the time enjoyable."

Dave Hohman, The Hohman Appraisal Company, LLC

“There's minimal editing of the sketch and data transfers into the form.”