Appraisal software isn't a one-size-fits-all. Sometimes you want to give limited access to certain staff appraisers and trainees, while you may trust others like your office manager or partner with complete access to your reports, collected data, and back-office maintenance. That's where Titan Seats come in to play.

With Titan Seats, you're able to assign different levels of role-based collaboration to your employees. See which seats your office needs and get a quote now. You'll be amazed at how much you'll start saving when you swap your third-party tools for Titan.


TOTAL seats give you the ability to assign additional licenses of TOTAL software to your team members. With a TOTAL seat, the assigned user also has access to Titan Reports and receives the same level of software support as the main account.

Titan Reports Seats graphic
A TOTAL seat gives your employee:
  • The ability to access your company's TOTAL software
  • Titan Reports Access
It's great for:
  • Offices that require multiple users to access the software

Everyone with an active a la mode membership gets
Titan Reports Standard — no purchase required.

Titan Drive Seat

For remote employees, quick and easy file sharing is a top concern. Assigning a Titan Drive seat lets you share, edit, and review reports with remote employees instantly. Simply add files to your Titan Drive folder (from TOTAL or Titan), and they’re instantly available to everyone with a Titan Drive seat. Get more information about Titan Drive (formerly Vault) here.

Titan Drive Seats graphic
A Titan Drive seat gives your employee:
  • Access from Titan Reports to any of your files stored in Titan Drive
It's great for:
  • Offices with primarily remote employees
  • You need to own Titan Drive
  • Your employee needs to have their own license of TOTAL

Titan Office Seat

Back-office management is a crucial part of your business, but that doesn't mean all your staff needs to be involved. With Titan Office seats, you can assign different levels of permission-based tasks depending on a person’s role. Click here to learn more about Titan Office.

Titan Office Seats graphic
A Titan Office seat gives your employee:
  • Access to anything assigned to them
  • Full or limited access to orders, invoices, accounting, and reporting features -- depending on the permissions you set
It's great for:
  • Multi-appraiser offices
  • Teams with an Office Manager or Admin
  • You need to own Titan Office before your networked or remote employee can own a seat

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Description Buy now
TOTAL Seats Assign additional licenses of TOTAL software to your team members. They'll also have access to Titan Reports and receives the same level of software support as the main account.
0 $529/ea
Titan Reports License Titan Reports is included for free with any a la mode membership  
Titan Drive License Unlimited file storage and report syncing between Titan Reports and TOTAL Included with Elite
0 $349
Titan Drive Seats Collaborate with remote appraisers and let them store, share, and view reports from anywhere
0 $99/ea
Titan Office License Manage back-office tasks like accounting, scheduling, orders, and more Included with Elite
0 $199
Titan Office Seats Add additional users to create orders, send invoices, accept payments, schedule/assign inspections, complete order statuses, see inspection notes in the field, run payroll, and office reporting
0 $99/ea

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