Legendary help, training, and support
Free training webinars, marketing eBooks, and new features
Website setup for appraisers, not web developers
Your own domain name (“.com”), transfer domains you already own, or get multiple domains to point to your XSite
Get a head start with pre-written content written by marketing experts or create your own pages from scratch Unlimited pages
Change your site’s design, buttons, colors, and more with no prior knowledge of web programming 252 themes
GhostWriter search engine optimizer automatically rewrites your content into Google-friendly pages
Multimedia add-ins like videos, 17 mortgage calculators, interactive service area map, and more
Welcome Pages greet visitors with a simplified home page with designer images and layouts
Load your own images or photos into your XSite Image Library
Marketing tools help build your business
XSites Network listing to help clients (especially non-lenders) find you and your XSite
Lead capture forms (such as “Got a Question?”) gather information from visitors 100% customizable
Coverage area maps tell visitors precisely where you work
Use XSellerate’s pre-built print campaigns to send printed letters, brochures, flyers, and postcards to clients
Web traffic stats show where your traffic is coming from and what pages your visitors are going to
Timesaving billing and business management
Dashboard shows a summary of your business, including volume, current and past due clients, order status, and more
Generate invoices, plus detailed financial and tracking reports
Create custom reports to analyze your accounting and billing
Create custom fee tables and assign specific clients or set up fee splits for your multi-appraiser office
Let clients view their entire account history with you online
Send automatic “past due” email notices to clients
Get integrated email and order statusing on your phone
Get instant text messages when orders are placed or visitors are visiting your site
With integrated credit cards, the client’s PDF can automatically be download only after they enter payment information into your site — great for non-lender work