Remarkably powerful, yet simple to use: the magic of automatic peer data

SmartExchange lightens the load on any one appraiser by crowdsourcing the data entry of comparable properties. The best way to describe it is “typing magic”. Member appraisers share the comparable property data from their reports and gain access to other appraisers' data which saves hours of typing each week.

If there’s more than one example of that comp from multiple appraisers, you can see them all and choose the one you like by just clicking the Use button to push all the data at once. Or use F2 in an individual field to pick and choose the bits and pieces you want. Or, don’t use any at all. It’s your choice.

Powerful data for better analysis

Gain insight into how a property has been treated in the past by connecting with other appraisers for seamless, instant sharing of comparable property data.

Save time on every report

Type an address in the grid exactly like you do now, and instantly have the rest of the grid filled out for that comp. There’s no delay, no tweaking, and every row is there.

Share, reference, and reuse property data instantly

SmartExchange gives you access to the gold standard in property data that only appraisers can provide. It’s going to change the way you work.

Compliant data sharing

None of the comps-only data is assignment specific, nor is it client confidential. So, USPAP confidentiality isn’t even in play here. View the ASB's Sharing Comparable Data with Peers Q&A for more information.

No setup required

Built right inside the Side-by-Side PowerView, SmartExchange is easy to learn and fits within your current workflow. No clunky MLS importing. No data re-entry.

“SmartExchange is going to be a huge help in fending off questions from reviewers and underwriters. Just seeing what others said and being able to preemptively address them in comments is a tremendous benefit.”
Greg Mellies, Mellies Appraisal

SmartExchange is waiting for you!

Simply open TOTAL, click the data tab, and click Join SmartExchange. Or, you can join straight from the Side-by-Side PowerView. Once you agree to the Terms and Conditions, you'll be able to start using SmartExchange right away.

How to start using SmartExchange