100% cloud-based. Remarkably powerful. Shockingly intuitive. The Titan generation of products is our best yet.

Live your life. Take Titan with you.

Don't let an order stand between you and your next adventure. The Titan family is a suite of appraisal tools that allow you to manage your business wherever you are.

Whether you need to access a report, track down an invoice, analyze property trends, or deliver a revision on the fly -- with Titan, you can.

Titan Reports, our new online formfiller, is the next generation of TOTAL and has all the crucial features you’ve come to rely on. Log in from any web browser (even Safari on a Mac) to create, edit, and manage appraisals.

  • Get work done from anywhere, on any device
  • Start a report in TOTAL and continue working on it in Titan Reports later, or vice versa
  • Revise reports on the fly without frantically rearranging your day to make it back to your PC
  • Get desktop strength sketching on the web
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Let others in your office get work done from anywhere

Titan Reports - Access and edit files from anywhere, on any device with a web browser

Titan Drive connects your files and settings across all platforms — making your entire appraisal business available all the time, regardless of device.

  • Keep all your files protected with unlimited, secure cloud storage
  • Quickly access or share any report
  • Take everything you loved inside your TOTAL software and use it on any device: QuickLists, signatures, settings, reports, etc.
  • Included with Elite
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Share files and collaborate with your team

Titan Drive

SmartExchange gives you immediate access to pure, UAD formatted appraisal data in a secure, peer-to-peer network for lightning-fast completion of the comps grid.

  • Gain valuable insights into how other appraisers have submitted property characteristics in the past
  • Save time on every report with instant completion of the comps grid
  • Compliant and secure data sharing that only works with the comps slots, so USPAP isn't even an issue
  • Easy to learn and fits within your existing workflow
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Titan Analytics makes it quick and easy for you to analyze market data and provide proof for your conclusion of value. It makes even the most in-depth analysis clear and concise, regardless of what type of assignment you’re working on.

  • Provide fast and defensible support for your market analysis
  • Add impressive charts to your reports for underwriters, reviewers, or private clients
  • Use it with your MLS without a custom setup
  • Analyze and compare multiple data points at once
  • Included with Elite
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Titan Analytics

Titan Office helps streamline your office’s workflow by cutting the clutter from your back-office operations. With one tool, you’ll manage all your accounting and billing, from order generation to payment completion.

  • Grow your business and profits with increased office efficiency and organization
  • Get paid faster with built-in invoicing and credit card processing
  • Save time and improve accuracy by flowing data to and from Titan Reports, TOTAL, or your XSite website instantly
  • Know where to focus your time and efforts with trending and forecasting reports
  • Included with Elite
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Give team members access to anything assigned to them

Titan Office

Titan: remarkably powerful, and shockingly intuitive

The Titan Suite is raising the standard for appraisal business management — from online formfilling, cloud storage and backup, analytics, accounting and billing and much more. The security of your business is no longer reliant on a single piece of hardware and can be accessed from anywhere, from any device.
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